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    The thunder and lightening are booming all around, floods are rising..and snow is forecast for tonite and tomorrow. Such goofy weather. I am looking forward to blooming flowers in the yard and butterflies and hummingbirds.

    difficult child has now been working 3 weeks! I was excited, but yesterday she came out in tears. She worked with different people yesterday and she HATED it. She is SO dependant on the social part of anything and would cut off both her arms if thats what it took for people to "like" her. She works in a sandwhich shop, and I guess yesterday the people made fun of her for being short, and for wanting a band aid when she cut her finger. Not sure what I am going to do with her, but she was in no mood for feedback yesterday.
    easy child has been home yet again, sick yet again, altho I am not real clear what her complaint is. Technically the school can now require a docs note.....our doctor is very tired of us needing docs notes for simple health issues. easy child continues to stay on high honor roll etc...her grades are stilll good....but school is frustrated with her health status/absences.she has had mono and then a few months later pneumonia. She graduates first of June. And she has been nominated for special recognitions for ""overcoming adversity" Personally I think the school trip to Ireland that she just returned from wore her out. THat and the friend who got hit by a car last week kinda affected her.
    My son, his eye surgeon updated the computers in his office and told son back in winter he wanted to give my son one (a computer) and that he would send it. It did not come, and at our last appointment, doctor made out a shippiing label to send it to my son.....said it would be sent in 2 weeks? It is not here yet and son is getting revved.....My goodness how he has grown recently! His birthday is coming and he will be 13, and oh my he looks suddenly older than that to me! LOL. Always before he looked younger than his age. Now he looks older than his age.
    husband has not been going to his day treatment. He does this from time to time, (he has been going to day treatment off and on for well- since 1990) I could not say if I prefer him to go or not, becuz sometimes when he does go, they dig deep and then the end of the day comes and they come home, and husband is still ramped up from topic of the day but the topic is raw and unsettled and then he is difficult to have home. BUT I do enjoy haveing him out of the house out from under my feet and in my face. It can get hard to have him and 2 of the kids all homebound. Especially since our house is quite small.

    I am alternateing between frustrated with my new diet due to health reasons and excited. I find the diet restrictive, and I am hoping hard diet will address the health issues.....I am SO impatient, LOL. The kids are NOT liking the new meals that are hitting the dinner table. LOL- I told them well, you know where the food is and how to make it. Altho, I HAVE been making special things for them that I am not eating a couple times a week.

    I guess there really was no POINT to this post. As I titled it- it is just some rambling of whats going on here. Nothing big.....nothing bad.....LOL.
    Yes, the principal caught in a motel with teen girls.thats close by..yes, people we know do go to that school. No word in todays paper about the autistic girl and her dog.
    A brand new HS- a 2nd one for our town, is almost donebeing built very close to me. My son was wondering if I would stop homeschooling him for him to go to the new HS, he has this magic idea a new school might be different, I trie to explain to him it is still the same staff and personnel and policies etc, still same district etc. and he is still the same him, same cp, same eye issues, etc.......and he has been doing nicely here homeschooling, finally CAN read.......handwriting is coming along finally, too....
    we went out to eat a month or so ago and ran into a group of school Special Education staff- they were in the bar side of the restaurant we were in......drinking. and considering the autistic girl/dog issue..I am in no way convinced his IEP would be better accomodated or implemented now than it had been before. Well, time to hit the daily chores etc.
    Have a great day!