Just when you think you're finally on top of it...


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I thought I was doing pretty well this morning...I got difficult child 2's clothes ready the night before...we all got up on time this morning...everyone was in a good mood...no arguments...and I got both boys off to school on time with no problems! I even got myself one of those fancy "smartphones" a week ago to put all of my appointments in after my scattered brain had flaked on a few important things the past few weeks and I thought I was headed for a nervous breakdown! LOL

Totally thought I was finally on top of things...

difficult child 2 came home from preschool and I went to make him lunch...and then I saw it...difficult child 1's lunch box sitting on the stove. :frown: I never made difficult child 1 lunch today. Oh boy. And I checked the hot lunch menu and it's not something he'll eat (picky eater, of course!). I sure hope he's OK with eating the alternative lunch (bagel), otherwise, I just caused an unnecessary meltdown. :::sigh:::

I guess I'll find out in about 25 minutes when I go to pick him up to take him to the Day Hospital program. Wish me luck!

How ridiculous would it be if I scheduled "make difficult child's lunch" on my smartphone? LMAO!

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Mistakes happen - life happens! Our difficult children struggle to understand that they are not the center of the universe; that there are days that mom & dad are human.

I would think that difficult children rigidity could be addressed at day treatment - especially if you're dropping him off after a meltdown about his lunch.

For goodness sakes, lady - give yourself a break! Life happens. difficult child will survive the lunch mix up. :flower:


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Oh, yeah. Been there and done that. Earlier this week in fact. We got difficult child's lunch packed but somehow it didn't make it into his backpack. Note from teacher at the end of the day reported a tantrum that lasted about 45 minutes and apparently required multiple staff members to handle...

Hope your little guy is more adaptable about change of lunch plans than mine!


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I got a 9:00 phone call last week from Missy. She was crying that she had forgotten her lunch. She didn't want the lunch that was being served that day, so I had to run it over to her. Luckily we aren't far from the school.

I've forgotten to make her lunch a few times too. Fortunately, she has a lunch card.


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Life happens! I noticed that the Zyprexa was increased to 5 mg. I am hoping for you that it is doing its job, and he will be able to handle the change in plans today!!! Good luck!


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I went to pick him up and the school SW was in the office. She reported he had a half and half day, but didn't explain any further, so I'm not really sure what happened, but she had no clue about the lunch issue (good sign!). And yes, Oceans, we *just* got the OK on Wednesday afternoon to up the Zyprexa from the psychiatrist after they had clinical rounds at the Day Hospital...this was after difficult child had a rough day at school Tuesday, refused to get out of the car at the Day Hospital and they came out and told me they couldn't "make him" and I had to bring him home where he had a huge meltdown and kicked me in the face and threw a toddler-sized motorcycle at my face. :frown: So, yeah...we're on our first day of the upped dose. :::fingers crossed:::

Anyway, he got into the car and I asked him what he had for lunch and low and behold he had the chicken patty they were serving for hot lunch and he LIKED IT! LOL PHEW! Crisis averted!


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Phew/whew - meltdown avoided. That was a close one!

just kidding - we all have those days where nothing seems to go right.


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Thank goodness for little things...my difficult child purchased lunched for the first time in two years !!! I'm so glad he actually agreed to try the french bread pizza.


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I am so glad that things went well today, and I am crossing my fingers for you that the increased dose of Zyprexa does some really good things!!!