Toxic Friends-Kicking you when you're down


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Congrats on the move Beta - not to hijack your post Jmom but we made a cross country move in 2018 from Chicago to the Alabama Coast. Mine was due to my job transferring but husband was happy to get out of the cold. It was also a fresh start for our Difficult Child so a win all the way around.

So miss our two adult sons in Chicago but one is married and one is engaged and they have full lives and we are in touch almost daily with our family texts.

I do NOT feel hijacked lol HUGS!


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I have been off the internet for a bit, just drove 3 days back to our second home near our other children. We were late leaving because of COVID and not really knowing what to do or how safe motels would be. We got back fine but were confronted with termites and plumbing issues. The main thing is we are safe and I am so glad you made your trip without incident. Please keep us posted.