Kapvay - has anyone uesd the 0.2mg tablets?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by BeachPeace, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. BeachPeace

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    Just went round and round the last couple of days - psychiatrist writes RX for 0.2 mg twice daily Kapvay which no local pharmacy has in stock.
    I had to get him to change the RX to TWO 0.1 MG tablets twice per day which is 4 pills per day. Which of course was so very easy to do lol
    Blue's medications are becoming so extensive and it is hard enough to get the pills in.
    Anyway - has anyone had any experience with being able to get a 0.2 mg Kapvay tablet? I found online that they do make one - I am just wondering if there is a shortage or something. I typically use Walgreens and called around yesterday to others.
  2. bigbear11

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    Same here... they do make a .2 (at least according to their own PI) but I have never been able to get it. So we are just like you, using 2 of the .01 to get there. However, it hasn't effected the cost of the medication. We have been getting twice the number of pills for the same copay.
  3. BeachPeace

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    Thanks Sandy - at least I know it is not just me. (some days everything feels like a personal battle lol)