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I've seen you posting today. I've missed you- where the heck have you been? What's new?



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I'm here ~ just busy. I've posted some in watercooler but haven't been on the board as much.

Since husband was laid off, I've had to pick up two more tutoring students so now I'm up to five a week in addition to teaching all day.

No job nibbles for husband. He is planning to attend a seminar in NC to add a product management certification to his resume. That's already what he does but a recruiter suggested it might be helpful in his job search.

He's also thinking about a complete career change. He's talking about going back to school to become a home inspector/appraiser. It would be a major income cut but he thinks he would enjoy working for himself. I think he is fed up with the corporate world.

In the meantime, easy child has decided that she doesn't like playing collegiate softball and wants to be "just a college kid." The coach has turned out to be nothing like she presented herself during the recruiting process. She gets in the athletes' faces screaming that they are f-ing up her world along with other nice expletives.

So I don't blame easy child for wanting to quit and she is talking about transferring to a college in Georgia so she can take advantage of the GA Hope scholarship. It just has come at such a bad time since husband isn't working and there will still be room and board costs. easy child says she would rather take out loans than stay in the situation that she is in.

It all hits at the same time, doesn't it?

But I'm here and treading water.



(the future) MRS. GERE
I'm so sorry, Kathy. Sounds like stress is up the ying yang right now. I hope something good comes up quickly for your husband and easy child.

Big hugs,


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What a blankin' shame that coaches can alter life with-o a care!! I
am really sorry that it hasn't turned out to be wonderful for easy child
as anticipated. Worse yet......I hate to think her love of the game has faded. on the other hand, you love her so darn much that maybe having her closer to home will turn out to be a blessing. From
what I hear Pell grants are easy to get and combined with the
Ga. program, it may not be too bad.

Fingers crossed for husband. I think it's wonderful that he is resilient enough to survive the corporate trauma. Even though I
was a lowly administrative assistant, I turned to real estate as a career after being fired by a looney toon boss in a big Corp.
I swore I would never ever work for anyone else again and I have
kept my word. I'd have more money if I had been able to live with capricious corporations but, lol, I couldn't take it.

Just make sure husband knows that real estate really is a huge work
rollercoaster ride with international, national and local economic factors driving or denying the opportunity to earn a decent wage. Sending supportive hugs. DDD