Keep your fingers crossed for us -- maybe a new addition!

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    Our beloved Jack Russell Spot has been gone for about two years now. difficult child has been wanting another dog but I have been resisting. But lately I have been thinking about getting another dog.

    So the last several weeks difficult child and I have been researching what type of dog would be a good fit. We narrowed it down to a few breeds and then started researching rescue groups on the web.

    Last weekend difficult child and found one that immediately tugged at our heartstrings. We never even considered getting a senior but this guy is a 10 year old mini daushund who was rescued because the family he had been with had a child and gave him up. He's only been in foster care for a few weeks but his foster mom just raves about the little man. We want to give him family love.

    We went through the application process, the "vetting" by personal references, the vetting by speaking with our old vet. Those were "cleared". Now we have a home visit tomorrow at 4 and if that goes well, we could have little Dieter by the end of the week!!!!!

    Please keep your fingers crossed for us -- ex bonehead has a doxie who we sit for and we love their personalities, super soft ears and soulful eyes! I'll keep you posted!

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    Fingers crossed! He sounds great!
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    Twisting all body parts!
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    I hope all goes well!
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    He sounds wonderful!