Kevin Trudeau's Book?

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I am reading Kevin Trudeau's book, "Natural Cures THEY don't want you to know about".

Trudeau begins the book by ranting a little and repeating himself quite a bit in regards to why he wrote the book. Additionally, he goes over why the gov't does want us to know about common natural/herbal cures to common disease, etc. He states that if we all knew about the cures, the gov't and health industry and pharmaceutical companies would lose money and essentially go out of business.

Now I don't want to start a debate or even state whether or not I believe his statements or agree with his concepts (however, I do have to wonder).

He goes on to suggest ways in which we can live healthier to eliminate many of the diseases/infections we battle as a population everyday. His ideas are very interesting and some of them I already use daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.

I use homeopathic aids and remedies as much as I feel comfortable doing.

I'm wondering, has anyone here ever read his book? And if so, what are your thoughts?


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if you were to goole his name you could read about all the trouble he has had.....
lots of people complaining that they dole out 30 bucks just to read him repeat himself over and over and give you a link to web site where the real info supposedly is and when you get there you find you are expected to pay another 30 bucks. if you pay that you get more of the same repeats out of the book.
I have not read it. I do believe in some natural treatments but I believe he is a scam artist who prays on people who are desperate for help and he should go back to jail.
I was not impressed by the original book but apparently he re-wrote it, so it is much longer now. There certainly are some valid points on how to avoid diseases that plague our society.

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I think his book is more of a skimming pice - take what you want and leave the rest type of thing.

I have the newest edition and I also received a CD that lasts about an hour and has some good info on it, though not until after he goes on and if you skip to the end and do a rewind for a bit, you get the bulk of the info you're actually looking for. LOL

I don't think his book is a complete waste of money actually, as I agree with some of what he has to say in regards to the money making powers that be...though not as paranoid as he seems to be!


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I have read it - ok, skimmed it. While too much of this book is on his opinion on government and conspiracies, and I tend to agree with the "follow the money" philosophy... he did hit on some important topics.

Eating Organic is A#1, in my humble opinion. I have given up all OTC medications, I treat myself and my usually family herbally, I buy and cook whole organic foods, we have reduced if not eliminated processed garbage from our household.

For me, It's made several differences. My daughter, who falls in to the ODD category, so I've recently discovered, I hope will benefit from a closer controlled diet.
As one MD told me, if it weren't for the body's miraculous ability to heal itself, everyone would be dead. Sometimes the best thing to do for yourself is nothing. Of course, you may need a professional to help you discern that.

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We've gone organic, or, I should say I'VE gone organic! I'm slowly replacing most of our foods with organic. I've always tried to cook from scratch and use whole foods and have bought organic along the way, but now I am more committed to going all natural. The cool thing is that it's really not that difficult. It is a little more expensive, but I think it's worth it.

We have a Wild Oats store near enough that I can watch thier fliers and buy when things are on sale. In between, our local grocers offers some organic fruits and veggies. Plus, our neighbor is a farmer, so we enjoy some homegrown organic foods too.

For me, the hardest things to give up are the artificial sweeteners, but I've done it! I am hoping that given that there will be virtually no alternatives in the house, my family will follow suit. So far, no one's really complaining except H, but I expected that!


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I have his book and read it, was bought for me by a friend. I tried to get him not to get it.
Anyway, I have MS and migraines. I try to follow the Swank ms diet. It is a low fat diet but high in cod liver oil, fish and fish oil.
I do believe the man has got some great points in his book.
However, his broad approach to "fixing" disease is just not the way I see it. I know many people who have had their fillings removed and never gotten better, I had never had aspertame when I was diagnosis'd with ms and yet he declares these things as the answers.
It's just too easy and I don't see it his way.
But a healthy good organic diet can't be beat.
He is right if he eat right there are many disease's we won't get.Not sure it means the local major fixed it that way

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I have this one on order at the library.

For those who have read this man and found him repetitive or offensive, I wonder whether you have explored Dr Andrew Weil's books, tapes, or web sites?

They are beautifully written or produced, informative, and hopeful. Weil's theory is that traditional medicine has its place, but that there is much we all can do for ourselves to prevent disease or to heal more quickly when we do become ill, through proper breathing, nutrition, rest, and diet.

Both his books and his tapes leave me feeling positive and hopeful.

I cannot recommend them enough.

He has a web site, as well. Just google his name and up it will come.



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I haven't read this particular book. But I do have great respect for Andrew Weil. I also have a lot to say on this subject that is from my own reading and research.

Did you know that for any calorie of mass produced food we eat it takes something like 100 times the number of calories of energy to create?

Have you ever thought about how much oil is used to get the food you buy all packaged and clean and neat into the supermarket? Compare that to food that is bought fresh from a local farmer and taken home and prepared in your kitchen. The system we have created is non-sustainable and will eventually lead to our entire collapse as a civilization.

It is a known fact that foods like high fructose corn syrup causes illness...but nobody stops it because if we stopped it a whole interconnected system of factories and farming and transportation and jobs and supermarkets would also collapse. It does not matter that it is non-sustainable in the long run, we are incapable as a society of shifting our habits to stop this insanity.

How does our health care fit in? Well in order for people to take control over their health care and live better we have to feed them with nutritionally healthy inexpensive foods, make sure that they get enough sleep and keep them relatively stress free. We need to simply improve their quality of life starting with the basics. But that is not the American way and so it is unlikely to happen overnight.

Is the government and medical establishment keeping alternative medicine from us. NOWAY. Whole Foods, organic processed foods, vitamins and homeopathic remedies are a multimillion dollar business these days. But don't be decieved into the quality of that organic lettuce you just bought trucked all the way from some factury farm in Florida. What the government is doing is not supporting a healthy life style....and the reason for that is that a healthy lifestyle uses a lot less oil ($$$$$) then a non-healthy lifestyle.

That is my take on this topic