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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, Aug 17, 2009.

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    One of my nieces called me this past weekend (the one who moved back home) & told me that she was appalled at kt's lack of remorse over the last few months.

    She is so very young - I remember "Ks" lack of remorse & she was a easy child.

    I told her that mental/emotional illness frequently gets in the way of empathy, remorse & in kt's case the ability to form secure relationships. I asked her how many times she apologized to her mom.

    Aunt Linda, it's just so hard to watch. K, this is the way it is with my children ~ if I could change it I would have done it years ago. As it is, kt & wm have made progress.

    Just had to chuckle. Youth.
  2. susiestar

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    No one is ever as smart as they thought they were in their teens and twenties!

    I wonder how much fuel K has tossed into the current fire? I think some of the family attitudes may very well be that she truly has no clue about life with children.
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    Heck, it is not just the young that can't comprehend! Sometimes the adults have a hard time...especially the easy child parents!
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    Tell her you will take a vacation and she can "fix" Kt.

    Miss. Smarty Pants.
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    I remember being young and knowing it all once. Heck I even said I'd never have a child like mine. By the time I knew I didn't know it all I was so deep into gfgdom that some days I wondered if I'd ever like my son again. She'll grow up and learn what she didn't know now.
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    At her age, she just hasn't seen enough of the world to truly get this and other concepts. As for the difficult child aspect, we alllllll know even well educated, wordly adults have a hard time understanding gfgdom without first hand experience.

    As for the chuckling over her past? I posted recently that I took difficult child out driving in the country. Stupid me.....told my mother. OMG. I got THREE calls that evening from her. She just couldn't stop giggling or let it go. Twenty three years after getting my license and I STILL had a hard time saying, "Yes, Mom. You were right." LOL I'm sure Mom is still emitting the occasional snort and chuckle.
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    Heck, 3 of my uncles were in town this week and they can't get my kids! One couldn't believe that we still visit Kanga; one couldn't believe that we hadn't brought her home yet; and one was just confused. These are men in their 60s, two of whom are grandfathers -- one with a difficult child-daughter!!
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    husband was a difficult child as a kid and *HE* sometimes struggles to understand our difficult children. He will go on a rant about their behavior and express outrage and then I will not-so-ever-gently remind him of some of the antics he did as a teen and young adult and the anguish he caused his parents.

    He zips his lips real quick-like.
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    I love that you asked her how many times she had apologized to her mom! This is a good learning experience for your niece.