Kinda Silly...An Internet Shopping Experience


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As many of you know I hate to shop and when I "have to" I usually
go nuts buying anything and everything to make sure "it's over"!

Yesterday I went on the computer and saw a Macy's ad. I have never shopped online for Macy's BUT :thumb: they had a big sale and I thought "why not". 1st I registered using my card etc
and then I got a thank you email to my mail box. It included a
"welcome aboard promo" that gave me a promo number for an X $
discount. THEN there was a shipping promo where all the costs would be deducted for orders over $150.

It would take me three paragraphs to describe the experience but:
(1)Today it told me that my email address and password were not
accurate. :reading: Yes, they did send me an email at that same
"inaccurate" address yesterday!
(2) I had to call them, explain, wait...and then wait for them to
send me another email telling me my address AND my password were
(3) THEN as I am ordering things and storing them in my "shopping
bag" I start seeing bright red sentences telling me that different items are "no longer available". HUH??
(4) As the dollar amount of my sale diminishes on the shopping bag page I decide to bail out and assure my shipping costs will be PPD


Yes, I had to place another call because (1) my promo number
for the discount didn't work AND then I had to call again to
"fight" for the shipping costs rebate.

How do you all find fun in this aggravating pasttime?? DDD


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I find it fun at XMAS!!! Thats when the sales are on and the stores fight for your business. If you really want to have fun, try

Trying to get an item for the lowest price you can at the very end of an auction is something of a thrill. I will set an item into "My Ebay" account and then set my alarm clock on my cell phone to go back and try to snap it up for like 2 bucks at the very end of the auction. LOL. You wouldnt believe how many lots of baby clothes I have got that way!