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Baby Abbey has been receiving sub-q fluids (under the skin) to give the antibiotics a chance to work before re-checking the bloodwork. The vet gave a lot of fluids on Tuesday. She got fluids on Thursday and on Saturday, but not as much as she got on Tuesday. She was very vocal when getting the fluids on Saturday and put up a good fight which the vet said was a good sign, however, she's wearing out fast. She didn't get as much fluids and she has gone through them. She has pretty much done nothing today except lie around. She has sat in my lap and watched the computer monitor and walked on the keyboard and put my computer on standby in doing so. LOL She really likes to be on the keyboard. But she hasn't been nearly as playful today. She's also doing the "hunched over" thing she was doing prior to all the fluids. The vet is going to re-check her bloodwork Monday evening, but I don't think it's going to be good.

I've been doing a lot of research on renal failure in cats and you can maintain by doing the sub-q fluids; for how long varies. However, most of the cats in question are older - certainly not a kitten. I know if the numbers are bad tomorrow - which I expect them to be - the vet is going to want me to make a decision re: euthanasia and I just don't know what to do. She's not in pain. But, she obviously doesn't feel well right now. However, with the fluids she obviously felt better and was playing with everything; just having the best time.

She's just a baby and she's just the sweetest thing. So much spirit. This just really stinks. :crying:

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How very heartbreaking! :sad: Ultimately, the decision will be yours to make (if the vet chooses to continue treatment). Can you afford it at this time? (It's the practical accountant coming out in me - sorry. :bow:)

Babies of any species all seem so able to fight; all seem to have such spirit no matter what their little body's might be facing.

I'm sorry you're in such a sad position. Saying prayers for your spirit - take care of the sore heart of yours. :flower:


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Okay, this may sound a little "out there", but it's my feeling that keeping her spirit in an ailing body only prolongs your decision....she more than likely will not live a long or happy life and letting her go now will give this spirit a chance to enter into another life down the road....I do think she can come back to you at another time....Okay Twilight Zone over....

Not an easy decision, but I too would worry about all the costs you are investing in a losing cause....sometimes no matter how hard we try it just can't be fixed. I'm not saying you are doing anything wrong, just that it may be harder to get over when you have invested so much time, effort and $$$'s into her care for little return....

Choices like this are never easy and glad she has brought you happiness in the time she was with you.....sending strength and peace for the decision ahead....


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I am so sad for brings up all my memories of my cat Ash dying so suddenly......and I am so so SO sorry. Let us know what you decide to do, my thoughts and tears are with you.


I have cried all day long. Baby Abbey's kidney values have improved, but they are still showing decreased kidney function. Cats can maintain at 25% kidney function and the tests show she's at about 20%. (BUN went from 103 to 46; high range of normal is 33 - and Creatin (sp) went from 4.3 to 1.1 which is in the normal range).

So, the vet recommended one more dose of sub-q fluids and continuing the antibiotics - just in case. Although, I don't think either of us expect a difference in the outcome. I think we both feel, though, that we have to give her this one last chance. She was so listless while there. I hesitated about the fluids because I really don't want her to suffer, but I feel like I have to give her this one last chance. But, it's been almost 3 hours and she hasn't really perked up. With the prior fluid administrations, she's perked up quickly.

Linda - my vet hasn't charged me an office visit all week. He's charged me for the 2 blood tests ($20 each) and the fluids ($6 each time). I've been going there for years and he knows what I've been going through with my own health. He's truly been wonderful. But then he always has been.