Last IEP for my graduating daughter.. any ideas?

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by piolin, Apr 28, 2017.

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    I have the last IEP for my daughter today she is High Functioning autistic and speech impediment in general classes pushing hard to graduate has been making up tons of HW (which she has struggled with since kinder garden) but very close to the finish line and walking the stage... I want to make sure she leaves with a strong IEP (as far as accommodations) for future needs in college... any suggestions ???
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    Special education teacher here. Does her IEP team recommend college? If so, is she planning to begin at the junior college level or does she intend to attend a four year university? How independently can she function? If she struggles with completing homework, college will be a challenge for her. Independence is critical as there is no such thing as an IEP in college, and the college is not required to offer her any accommodations at all, regardless of what her IEP stated in high school.
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    Team has recommended community college and I have spoken to parents in my city that have young adult students attending and have been accepted with the accommodations.... she is very independent she is actually working in a fast food burger place and her boss and co-workers love her .
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    We have reduced in every other problem, if it's repititous like math, extended time to comp,eye work, testing in a quiet area with reduced distractions, permission to leave the classroom if she is getting overwhelmed...

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    The college will review her most recent IEP, but they aren't obligated to give her any accommodations. They may test her themselves or request that she be tested at her/your expense if they question whether she needs the accommodations. Also, she will need to request the accommodations unless she delegates her educational rights over to you, then you can communicate with the school, but at the college level parents are not kept informed about grades, progress and etc. Ask about that at her meeting.

    I don't mean to be "debbie downer" just want to point out that simply because another student received xyz accommodations doesn't mean your D will. College is very much a case by case situation and not all students get the accommodations. Extended time and small group setting, are likely to be granted. I've never heard of a college offering reduced homework but I certainly don't know everything as much as I sometimes pretend that I do! :)

    Hope this helps!