leaving tomorrow for Residential Treatment Center (RTC) in Texas- FINALLY


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It was finally approved! The Judge gave the OK for B to go to an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) in Texas. This was the first time I have ever heard a court clerk get up and try to argue with a Judge. That was how against it they were. The DA seemed to have mixed feelings about it, but he agreed in the end. It has been a long haul, but maybe he will finally get what will work. I hope. I have seen him land in so many places that have done nothing but make things worse, so I am so thrilled. WE leave at 6:30 AM tomorrow.
Janna's post just about broke my heart, because I so agree with what she said. My son has been on probation since he was 12 and I didn't fight it because I though he would finally get help. They were going to let him off in the beginning and I encouraged the cops to follow through with the DA. It's been 5 years now and nothing has happened to help him. They refused an Residential Treatment Center (RTC), and sent him everywhere but. 5 years of wasted time. Now maybe we'll see results before we're out of time altogether.


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ant has been in the system since he was 13. I had to push push push to get them to keep him in. they never wanted to follow up with consequences. by the time he was 16 I felt we were also running out of time and at my insistence, he was sent to an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for two yrs.

it is hard to have them in the system. some places are holding tanks, some try to help but the kiddo themselves thwart all efforts. sometimes like ant they complete the program and after two years, do drugs the day they get out.

ant just turned 18 when he went to adult jail for the first time. he was in that system on and off to age 23. the adult system is worse than the juvie system.

some kids take longer. some take shorter. so for now you are doing the best thing you know to do.

you have to try it all to save their lives sometimes. you do it for the right reasons. May God bless this effort with success! may the pain of seperation while your son undergoes construction ...be minimal for you.


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I hope this is what he needs and he does well... I will be thinking of you on your journey tommorow... good luck and stay strong!!!

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I really hope this placement will help him. :bravo:
I hate to see kids get lost in the system. They need to move away from the punishment side and find a way to fix it before it is too late sometimes.



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I am totally new to this, so if I ask something inappropriate, please forgive me. I live in TX and am dealing with a 16 yr old who thinks he knows everything. It has been recommended to me from the social worker @ the school to enroll him in a Wilderness Therapy Program (6-9 weeks), which I have looked into. The main hold up is the cost. I have looked into Residential Treatment Center (RTC)'s also, but those prices aren't any better. The ones that I have found that are free or cheaper the child has to be willing to go. My questions are: Are you having to pay for your child to go to this Residential Treatment Center (RTC)? And if so, how much? What about insurance? I don't even know where to begin. I want to get hiom help before it's too late, but I keep hitting road blocks. I like the Wilderness Program that the social worker told us about, however, I do believe my son needs a longer program. But then again, I thought he'd be my easy child! I swear someone has taken my boy and replaced him with this mean, defiant and disrespectful boy!


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Good luck! I hope that he will get what he needs at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC). I am happy to hear about that decision.

Lostboysmom- I don't know anything about Texas, but is there a state run Residential Treatment Center (RTC)? My difficult child was just in a state hospital and they had a sliding scale. They also had an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) which difficult child could have had a option of going to if things did not improve and he needed more time. Our insurance did pay for Residential Treatment Center (RTC)'s, but it takes a lot of loopholes to get them to agree.


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This show's how new to all this I am... I don't know if there is a state Residential Treatment Center (RTC) or not. I just started looking. I was told by my insurance that if it were for substance abuse or recommended by a mental health doctor and it was as preferred provider that it would be covered. I'm still researching!


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LOSTBOYSMOM, I would recommend that you start a new thread with your questions. You will probably get more information that way.

Lori, I'm sending good thoughts to you that this program will help your son. I know how difficult this is.