Lesson learned....

My daughter needed her computer and the last of her clothes, which I brought to her. Had to meet her at a gas station to pick her up as she asked me to take her to the college for transfer to this new area...figured I was there, no problem.

What I did not count on was my daughter, in a few days time, met a girl on Saturday. This girl is very nice, very smart. The shocker, they were holding hands in our backseat!

My daughter has given me a great gift today of detaching from her. I am so angry that it was so easy for her to fall back into her old way.

So thank you my daughter, live with this girl and how you want your life. We are done.


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Your daughter is living life on her terms. You are free to live your life on yours. She has shown you that all of your worry just tormented you. She has been happily living her own life.


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So this is a shocking new development I'm sure if you did not suspect this beforehand.

It sounds like she has found her niche for now so try to regroup and find some peace for yourself and hubby.
I am at a hospital currently as I burned my arm badly two days ago and it's worse today.

But, once out of here we are going to enjoy a very nice day with our son. He is also taking in my daughter's cat, all of us helping to take care and pick up her pieces.

Thank you for the kind words, they mean alot to me. Focus on us. :)

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MichelleLynn, I wish you a speedy recovery. Burns are a horrible injury.

I'm so sorry that your daughter has pushed you to this point. You have done all you can. I hope you can focus on a happy time with your son.

It seems like there are several of us who have had "detachment" wakeup calls in the past week or so. I think we should get the Detachment Train going, pick us all up and take us to a destination of sunshine, chaise lounges and tropical beverages!
I so agree McDonna let's go. ((hugs))

My daughter just text me now asking for the Goggle verification code sent to my phone. Asked why it was not sent to her? She says while using my phone her account is hooked up to it or something. It could be for her instant girlfriend as she might not have a phone and cannot use her number, it might be like to another account. I really don't know.

What I do know is, changing my phone number NOW. She wants contact with me she has FB Messenger or email.


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Google verification indicates he google account is affiliated to your phone. She may have done his when the account was set up. Ask her to adjust this and affiliate it with her phone number. It can be done.

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You are doing great with your detaching!

I'm so sorry about your arm. (OUCH) I hope it heals quickly and well.
Thank you all so very, very much.

Her FASFA for school was linked to my number. But I held firm and even though she says she had to make alot of phone calls and filling out this and that, was able to get all her information changed.

I seriously think, but hope I am wrong, that she is not using school just for money. After classes and books last time there was over 2 thousand left.

My whole entire right wrist I burned with coffee. Was leaning over to put my husband's cup in the cup holder, mine was tucked under my arm, coffee spilled out and my brain did not react to HOT until much later, I was very confused. I put ice on it, which is a big no, no. It must of kept burning and now it's a nasty, second degree burn with many blisters that keep refilling. I went to the doctor 2 days after it happened was only getting worse. He put me on bactrim cream and oral antibiotic. It's still very, very deep red with small outer areas turning white again. It's going to take awhile to heal. All because I was rushing! :(
Your so right, hopefully no scar but if there is one it will certainly be a great reminder to me. Thank you. :)

So far, so good. Much better days now, less stress. :)


Long road but the path ahead holds hope.
Your so right, hopefully no scar but if there is one it will certainly be a great reminder to me. Thank you. :)
Protect it from the sun at all times,use a silicone scar cream once it has healed that will help reduce the risk of a scar. Hot beverages make nasty burns.


When I was four a cup of hot tea poured on my arm, by accident.

They removed my shirt and the skin went with it, thank goodness I don't remember it, but I can still see it.

Burns are the worst! Feel better!