Let's all help TimerLady recuperate by...


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taking her on adventurous day trips to our home areas. It could be fun! We all know Linda isn't the sort to just sit around, so this is a way we can help keep her active while her body heals from the GB.
Here's the virtual day adventure I have planned:
1. Visit beautiful Niagara Falls (Ont & NY). We'll see the sights on both sides of the border (the Falls and Clifton Hill), take in a little shopping and ride the Maid of the Mist.

After that, we take off up the QEW to Toronto (the traffic is remarkably sparse and there's no construction , lol!)
We'll stay close to the water's edge for more shopping and a trip up to the top of the CN Tower:

Then we'll grab a fabulous gourmet meal and head out for a top notch show in beautiful Stratford:

After that, it's time for a well earned rest at the beautiful Pillar & Post in Niagara-on-the-Lake:

We've had such fun that we decide to take in a round of golf the next morning:

After that, we hit the shops and cafes in this quaint little village:

After that, we make a run back for the border and to the airport because you have another adventure tomorrow!


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well, she can come to the burgh and see the Pirates lose again...lol
I like the heinz history museum

pgh zoo with the polar bear exhibit

kennywood of course

nightlife with dancing


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Here are just a few of my favorites:

Plimoth Plantation

JFK Museum

Whale Watch/Provincetown

Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket


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I'm so excited to share my part of the country with you!!!
Let's all sing: SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM.....lET'S ALL GO TO THE

and of course everyone should visit

Did you know alot of people come in to MOA and stay at the hotel across the street, and ship all their stuff home for Xmas? Wouldn't that be a blast?

don't forget:

Laura Ingalls Wilders is part of Minnesota history as well.

(I recommend the Provincetown Whale Watch above on nlq's entry, I used to live on the Cape. Magnificent!!!)***


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Hi Linda,

I can't wait to take you around Hotlanta.

We'll start with the Atlanta History Center and take a tour of the Tullie Smith House (a 19th century plantation) and then the Swan House (small scale Biltmore) built by a society family in the 1930's. While there, we'll have lunch at the famous Swan House Coach Restaurant (beloved by ladies who "lunch") and have some of their famous chicken salad and sweet ice tea.

Atlanta History Center

Then off to the World of Coca Cola museum. No stop in Atlanta would be complete without that. After all, we are the home of Coca Cola or as the locals say Cocola.

World of Coca Cola

Next stop downtown is a tour of the CNN center and a trip to ZooAtlanta to see the Panda bears (especially that cutie Panda cub born here named MeiLan).

CNN studio tour
ZooAtlanta; Pictures of MeiLan

Or, if you prefer, we can skip the CNN tour and go to the Georgia Aquarium instead.

Georgia Aquarium

We'll finish our day at a Braves game complete with hot dogs and beer (or sweet tea if you prefer).

Atlanta Braves

Gee I can't wait until you get here.



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Okay Linda,

First we'll start with a day at the beach and work on our tans:

And I know that you LOOOVVVE golf and here we have some mighty fine courses:

To round out the cultural interests of all we'll do some ghost and plantation tours:

Finally, we'll top it off with a great meal of fresh local seafood in the inlet!


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There's not too much of major interest in the town I live in. We could start the day though at the Dan Quayle Vice-Presidential museum.

Then we could head to Fort Wayne where there is a lot more to do. The children's zoo is one of the best in the area.

Then we could swing by the botanical conservatory. They always have neat displays and plants.

Right down the street is the Embassy Theater.

Following that, we could head back to my town where there is a good British restaurant.
Come on to the Windy! Not only do we have 6 professional sports teams (2 baseball, a basketball, a football, a hockey, and a soccer), but we have a semi-pro hockey team, and the surrounding burbs have 3 semi-pro baseball teams. Sports not your thing? We have all the touristy things you can stand.

Why not start with a trip to the top of the tallest building in the world. It would do you good to bring gum, as your ears do pop on the elevator ride up.

Check out Mayor Daley's wet dream, Millenium Park, and the famous "bean":

Not far from that is our city's fine aquarium:

...and planetarium:

Might as well check out the museum while you are on the south side:

Then you can go up Lake Shore Drive a bit to Navy Pier:

And maybe take a dinner cruise on the Spirit of Chicago:

Some of our suburbs have a bit to offer, too. We have the cultural gem in Oak Park, Frank Lloyd Wright's home & Studio:

Up north in Glencoe is the critically acclaimed Botanical Gardens:

Not far, in Highland Park, you can catch an outdoor concert at the Ravinia Festival"

OK, you REALLY want to shop. You can drop the kids off in Gurnee at Six Flags:

...and down the road is the infamous outlet mall, Gurnee Mills:

Feel froggie? Head over to Cicero and try your luck at Hawthorne race track:

Then maybe relax with a liesurely stroll in Naperville at the Riverwalk:

Meh, that should keep ya busy for a day or so.

timer lady

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Ladies - thank you very much. I'm looking forward to seeing all of these sights. Especially those with golf courses. LOL.

This is just what I needed to pull my spirits out of the dump; feeling a tad frightened. I see a new neurologist next week Monday, the rheumatologist on Tuesday. They are all trying to figure if a trip to Mayo Clinic is next on the agenda.

Three weeks ago I could walk, play golf & piano. I can't do any of those things today. It's all very scary.

Thank you appreciate the ear.


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Well Linda, around here we could go to Hershey Park or the outlets, or Amish Country. We could go to Gettysburg or take a day trip to Difficult Child or Philly.

But the truth is, I'd rather have us just sit on the sun porch, have a glass of wine, and yak, and giggle. You'll be so tired from all of the fun and frivolity at everyone else's places that you can use my place for R&R until your next visit. :flower:



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I can imagine this all is rather frightening. Just remember you have us here to offer support and a kind ear as you need it.


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Since BBK covered Chicago, I think I shall take you to the old country, to stay in the family castle (and depending on who in the family you talk to, a castle we rightfully can/should lay claim to, LOL):

We can rent the whole thing out for only £6750 for 3 nights (what is that, about $13,850 plus change - drop in the bucket) so we'll just take the board with- us.

It *is* Scotland, afterall so:

"We are located nearby to championship golf courses – Royal Dornoch and Nairn Golf Club (approx. £90 per round), need to book in advance. There are many other local golf courses, less expensive (Cawdor, Rosemarkie, Inverness, Strathpeffer)."

Apparently it's also rather close to Loch Ness, so we could go monster hunting.

We can go clay pidgeon shooting or just say the heck with- it and go on a distillery tour. Some genuine Scottish scotch ought to cure all that ails you.

on the other hand - apparently the old family home is haunted, so perhaps this wouldn't be the best way to settle your nerves!


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Linda, I'll post some detailed pages about some of our local sights, but I think you've had glimpses before of our beautiful beach and other lovely sights. I've got to work with difficult child 3 now, but I began posting about our New Zealand trip while you were still in hospital. It's probably slipped back on the Watercooler pages now, but I've also got some links there plus my descriptions of where we went and what we did.

I'm about halfway through the holiday, spread over two posts, both (I think) with New Zealand in the title. Certainly the first one. The second one began with our trip to the volcanoes, and I was especially looking out for Lord of the Rings locations, with Robby in mind especially. There is some unbelievably beautiful scenery.

I'll post more when I can.

Hang in there, you're probably going through a really scary patch wondering how much neurological function you'll get back, and when - it will come. It takes longer to come back than it went, because repair takes longer than damage. The myelin sheath takes time to regenerate. It's like cutting an electrical line - it can be spliced, but you have to call a repairman and he has to sit there and hook it back together, solder the joints, etc. It might have only taken a split second to sever it.

And in your case, the connections weren't severed, but without the insulation the nerve transmission is slowed 200 times. As it all grows back, you will get the function back. I've seen it before, we studied it at uni too.

From where you are now, you can take joy in every little gain, because that gain is yours, permanently.


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The yurt sounds like fun! I really don't know how to post links but first we would go to the farmer's market-it is truly a sight to see. We'd get tons of fresh veggies and delicious squeaky cheese curds! Then I think we'd relax with a round of golf-ok-you would relax-my golfing skills would not make me relaxed at all! We would then get some Babcock Hall ice cream-the best there is. One more thing is to rent some paddle boats and go out on the lakes! Hugs.


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First we will go to Black Butte Ranch, where TL can Golf while Hubby takes Tweedles on a horse back ride (now this might be a stretch, but isn't normal fun?). Then the whole family can enjoy a wonderful meal at the lodge. That evening husband can occupy Tweedles while TL checks out the spa.

Next we are off to Sunriver, where they say the sun shines some ungodly amount of days during the year. Fishing is good, and they have excellent bike paths. There is river rafting, great restaurants, shopping, and more golf!! Central Oregon has too many golf courses to list. They also have a great spa at Sunriver Resort. You also have to take a drive up the Cascade Lakes highway, as there are some beautiful sights. Don't forget to drive up to Mt.Bachelor. In the summer you can ride the chairlift up and eat dinner in the lodge. I have always wanted to do this, but never have.

Get better soon