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    So Matt and his g/f spent nearly a week taking their time traveling to his new home. They enjoyed their little adventure crossing the country together. I laughed because he called me about 5-6 times per day while traveling. I am averaging about 2 calls per day since they arrived safely, but he finds me online throughout the day. I swear we talk more with him OUT of the house than when he was down the hall!!!

    They both seem very happy. M met many of his g/f's family members over the weekend and he says he felt good about it and that it went well. They seem to have liked him and approved of him. One uncle restores cars and has told M that once he gets to the final stage of graduated licensing, he is going to have a truck ready for M that he is starting to build in the next couple of weeks. M seems pretty happy about that.

    They are staying in a rental until they take occupancy of the house his g/f bought on May 16. They were going to stay in a hotel but a 3 week stay in a hotel is a long one to live out of bags. So his g/f has rented them a very over the top rental normally booked by people staying extended periods for business purposes. THey are 1000ft above the valley his new little town rests in. The home has a gourmet top of the line kitchen and all the luxuries associated with high end acomodations. There is a large deck that he says makes him feel alone on the earth surround by nature, he seems quite awestruck with the beauty of the place. They have been using the bbq to make dinners so they can sit on the deck and soak in the view.

    He has a few job openings to follow up on this week. Nothing glamorous but for a kid who hasn't worked before and showed no motivation here, I'm so impressed he's jumping in to find a job this quickly. One is a janitorial type position, one is a hotel front desk clerk at a upscale inn, the others I'm not certain about. He's hoping for the hotel position and I am hoping for the same for him.

    I was quite shocked (but grateful!) tonight when he told me that since he doesn't drink and since his g/f doesn't drink, they had left a family get together early when it reached post dinner drinks stage. I know M just has no desire for alcohol and doesn't like the effects. He then went on though without any questioning by me, to tell me his g/f doesn't drink because she has heard it interferes with her form of birth control. His small way of letting me know that he listens to me and wants to assure me they are being safe. What a long way M has come to be sly about something like that, considerate and being so cautious.

    He has phoned easy child a few times, once even at her fathers during a visit she had with him. He shopped for her on his long trip out there and is sending her a package of gifts this week. He is replacing his cell phone (i bought it for him at Christmas) tomorrow. His g/f and he are getting a family package with a good plan which includes iphones for both of them. He then said he was putting the phone I gave him at Christmas in easy child's box to send to her. She's going to be thrilled.

    I still feel the loss of him in the house and it is hard some moments. Yet I'm proud of him and I am so happy to hear him laughing and giggling with his g/f, seeing his picture on facebook of him smooching her on her cheek and her laughing away. I think all in all, he is going to enjoy looking for work and exploring his new home.

    So far, so good :)
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    Wow! What a great update! Thanks for keeping us "in the loop".

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    What a great update!
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    I'm glad our Matt is happy and is good about calling his mom. You obviously raised him up right!
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    wow thats great........
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    Happy to hear he's doing so well, I hope it continues!
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    Wonderful update Melissa. I too will keep fingers crossed that Matt gets the hotel clerk job.
    His living accommodations sound so cozy.
    And good for Matt and his girlfriend to be safe and cautious regarding pregnancy.

    Thinking of you,
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    That's fabulous! I love the description of their hotel, overlooking the gorgeous view. He must be so in love. If he wasn't b4, that sort of experience will do it.
    Amazing and pride-inducing that he left the dinner when the drinks came out. Wow, he's come a long way. And he calls you several times a day. Congratulations.
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    Thanks everyone :) His motivation to get stuff done (such as look for his first job) is such a change for him. I hope the momentum sticks until he secures something that he likes for employment. Turns out his g/f must have inherited money or something (they don't discuss money but she dropped her atm receipt and my security conscious son picked it up to return to her to throw away properly and saw a whopper of a balance, as in more than 2 years income in this household). I have told him that it is even more important now that he gain employment as he doesn't want her to think he'd get cozy living at her expense. Crossing my fingers for him to find something great this week.
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    Aw...what a great update.
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    Great update.!!!

    But trust me, if those phone calls continue you won't miss him half as much as you thought you would.

    Once my girls moved out, we're in constant contact. lol If we don't see each other, it's on the phone or via fb chat.

    Even Nichole's move to dayton hasn't interfered. I'm on the phone or in chat with her most of the day on and off. So it still feels like she is nearby even though she isn't. :D
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    What a wonderful update. Thank you so much for sharing. I know it has been difficult for you but it sure sounds like it is going better than anyone could have anticipated. Great! DDD
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    This is an AWESOME post !!! It really warmed my heart and made me reflect on my relationship with difficult child.

    I hope to post something so wonderful someday .... :jumphappy:
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    Shelly, was it not you that mailed Matt a present he wanted for christmas one year that was sold out across Canada? I'm so so so incredibly horrible with board names but I'm thinking it was you. How fast the time flies huh? From that delighted little boy on Christmas morning, to the young man who today ......

    DRUMROLL PLEASE ................

    called me after dinner to tell me he is going to .........

    ENROLL IN COLLEGE FOR 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I swear I had pitter patters in my heart, it was pounding so hard, blood rushing to my head type feeling. I swear I could easily LOVE this young woman he has chosen to be involved with. She is already educated and has a very good job, but is planning in 2012 to work as well as do another degree through online learning which is a very popular option now from many of the major universities and colleges. So my difficult child is going to enroll as well and study conservation, which was one of two things he always said he would need to decide between if he ever committed to going to post secondary education.

    He is eligible to gain admission in Sept. 2012 after writing a mature student test which I know he will pass with flying colors.

    I have that picture of him opening that most craved gift. He was so goofy with this blond dye job (streaks) thing going on and so adorable, when I didn't want to choke the crud out of him! *sigh* Time flies huh!!
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    What an awesome post!!! Sounds like he is doing absolutely incredible!! :)
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    What a great kid. You did a great job with him. He sounds like he has a generosity of spirit. I love that in a person.

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