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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Robert44, Aug 19, 2016.

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    Hi, I recently made a post about my son. He just started taking Lexapro. He started out with 5 mg and after a few days will go to 10 mg. Any experience with this drug? I want him desperately to feel better. He didn't want to be on medications. He is really against them. He agreed to give it a try. I'm really afraid of side effects. I will feel terrible if he gets any. I know he might have to go through some in the beginning. He is 18 years old but very thin. I'm thinking of calling the DR. to see if it would make more sense to stay with the 5mg since he is so thin. Of course he just started taking it and he will be leaving for college this Tuesday. So... he's gonna have to deal with going away to college, having 3 kids in a double room, and all the stress of being away from home and starting college. I'm guessing he's gonna get some side effects while he's away. It would have been better if he was able to get on the medication a few months ago so he would be more stable. If he gets bad side effects while he's starting all this college stuff it will make everything worse. Any help would be appreciated. thanks.
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    Everyone is different. Some respond to one antidepressant andnot another. Took me ten years to find one that turned my life around and probably saved it.

    5 mg. is so low I doubt he will notice much, good or bad. VERY low. Possibly not not enough to work.

    When I started antidepressants I was 93 lbs. I think it is more about metabolism than weight.

    Did his pstchiatrist (hopefully he saw a psychiatrist, who is the expert) give him a cheek swap, which is a DNA test that can tell him which medication will best work for him as opposed to those that won't? Most psychiatrists do this now for greater accuracy. If not, Idvask him why he didn't do this test.
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    Agreed, my son had the test and they use it to see what medications might work over others.

    I would ask, and hope he saw a psychiatrist...General Dr don't really know much about mental illness medications.
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    Hi, I spoke to his psychiatrist today and he used these exact words you said @SomewhereOutThere ! We're gonna move him to the 10 mg. I forgot to ask about that DNA test. I will do that .. Thank you
    Yes it took my wife 25 years to be diagnosed correctly and get on the correct medication. Now she is doing so much better.
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    10 mg. Is still a young child's dose. Is this a psychiatrist or just a general doctor? If the dose is so low it won't help him. I'm on 20 mg. Of my antidepressant only because I can't take normal doses of any drug. Most are on much more. Not enough/won't work. Is the doctor planning to keep increasing it?

    He does not sound too sharp if he didn't suggest a DNA test. they all do this now. It's more accurate.
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    Yes he is a psychiatrist. He didn't say if he was planning to increase it or not. He just wants to see what happens with the 10mg. He is only 18 and like I said very thin. I think he has a fast metabolism. He didn't say anything about the DNA test. I forgot to ask about it. I will call today and ask. I do like the Dr. He seems to really care. Doesn't rush us. Gives us more time than the appointment was set for. I'm sure he would be willing to increase it if we weren't getting any results. It does make sense to me to start low and increase as needed. I want him to be on the lowest dose that does get results. Of course my other problem is that my son is taking it reluctantly. He said he will give it a month to see if it helps. I wish he wasn't so stubborn so we can try the 10mg for a month and then increase to 20 if necessary. I'll have to work on him with this.I do appreciate you input. Thank you
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    I hope it works out Robert, but he needs to know, these drugs take weeks to work...and adjustments. I am eager to have our son reevaluated since some of his medications are not refillable....hope he's seeing a psychiatrist...I would set him up with one at school and a counselor he can speak too when. needed.

    Just have the resources for him...college for some can be overwhelming and lonely.

    Praying for your success!!
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    I take Lexapro's "kid brother" Celexa (citalopram) and at 40 mg it works for me. In fact, with my having bipolar, it seems to be one of the few anti-depressants I can tolerate.

    Whether or not it works for your son depends entirely on your son's physical makeup and whether or not he is fully compliant with taking it as scheduled. The physical part is a combination of liver enzymes needed to metabolize the drug, and how his brain's serotonin re-uptake system reacts to the drug.

    Anti-depressants work by blocking the re-uptake of serotonin, thereby having the net effect of more free serotonin to bind with receptors.
  9. RN0441

    RN0441 100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

    I was on 10 mg of Lexapro for about a year when my son first started having issues. I was always upset and in disaster mode and my husband suggested I go see someone. I actually got the prescription from my gynecologist because I just happened to have my yearly appointment at that time and she always asks how life is going etc.

    The best way I can describe how it helps is that it "rounds the edges". It is very subtle. I had no ill side effects. It just is mildly calming. I was unable to cry. It numbed my emotions every so little.

    It takes about six weeks or so for it to work.

    Hope that helps.
  10. GoingNorth

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    That's what I don't like about ADs in general, they "flatten" me out. I can't really cry. Can't really let fly with a belly laugh, either.

    In my case the Latuda and Topomax are very likely to be contributing to the above.
  11. SomewhereOutThere

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    Oh, I feel all emotions one normally feels on my antidepressant. I feel as if I do not even have depression...it corrects it. And no flatness.

    medications that flattened me out were every mood stabilizer. I can't and won't take them. I FEEL LIKE A TOTAL ZOMBIE ON THOSE.

    Everyone has different body chemistry. What WE experienced may NOT be what your son does. Most turn to pot, and that sure flattens all of one's emotions and causes apathy in many who are mentally ill. And no monitoring. Pot is not good for the mentally ill...they may like the high and use it daily, all day, or move on to other street drugs.
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    About a year ago I went to my gyno for my annual exam. I was in the throws of what I believed to be peri-menopause. My emotions were uncontrollable. I would get so depressed and the next day I would be so angry I wanted to throw my computer across the room. My stress levels were extremely high, which didn't help. She started me on Lexipro 10mg (I don't tolerate medications well so she started me low). I couldn't stand myself.

    She said it would take a couple weeks to feel the effects but I'm telling you, within a couple days I felt like a whole new person! I take it every night before bed so I don't feel any side effects and I thank God for it!

    I have not experienced any lack in affect being on it. I have a normal range of emotions. I have gained a few pounds but nothing serious and if I had the desire, I could most certainly lose the extra weight pretty easily. But I've decided at my age, I don't care so much that I have a little bit of a belly :)

    Hope it works out for your son!
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    Medications are terribly individual. I like that the doctor is starting low and going slow. That is a good thing, but it takes being at a therapeutic level for 6-8 weeks to see results. Chances are that your son is not close to a therapeutic level yet, so a month total for a trial isn't realistic.

    Lexapro didn't help me, but it has done wonders for several people I know. I do best on prozac, but that is just me. Many people don't do well on it at all. My husband is on citalopram because our insurance covers it and not lexapro. It is the older version of lexapro and if my husband goes off of it, he is very hard to live with. I have been known to have tantrums until he goes back on it on the few occasions he went off without the doctor's approval. if he and his doctor were okay with it, I would be okay with trying him going off, but he goes off on his own now and then and this is what upsets me. I can ALWAYS tell because every little thing is the absolute end of the world with my husband when he is off and should not be.

    Ask about the DNA test, it can be a big help. Some docs don't suggest it because of the cost. I know a couple who feel it is so expensive and many patients just cannot afford the part of the cost that they are supposed to pay for. But if you ask, it is rare to be refused the test. It might make your son more open to a longer trial if he know that some testing said that it was a better fit. Just a thought.

    I ALWAYS keep a list of questions to ask my docs. It is incredibly common to forget what you want to ask when you are in the appointment. Just keep a small notebook handy and write things down so you get the answers you need from your doctors. I have one that HATES my list because I won't leave until she answers all my questions and she likes to walk out mid word so she doesn't have to deal with patients. Most doctors actually PREFER a list of questions though, so they know they have covered everything.
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    For us, the DNA cheek swab was covered 100% by Medicaid. Do check.
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    My son was on 10 mg for a month. We just increased it to 15 mg. He's been on that for a week. I think it's helping him. He seems to be happier. Haven't seen any signs of depression. He does sleep a lot though but when he's awake he seems happy. He is still clean. Has not gone out with friends in over a month. I'm just giving him time right now. I'm happy that he is agreeing to take the medication and that he's clean at this point. He never talks about any plans for the future. Loves the dog. I'm hoping the medication will help him to feel better and than he will hopefully get some motivation to do something. I know that the medications are not a magic bullet. I know he's clean cause he's home all the time. First time in 5 years that he's clean like this. My next step will be to get him to agree to go back to therapy. I am putting some hope in the medications though. I feel like he needs help at this point. He's been on the Lexapro for about 5 weeks now. His Psychiatrist did say we can do the DNA test if we choose to do so. I have to find out if the insurance will cover it. Right now I'm giving this Lexapro a chance. I know when my wife finally got on the right medications it really helped her. thanks for reading and prayers to all. Robert