Life Lessons of Moomins!

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  1. SuZir

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    May I introduce you to main life lessons I have tried to install on my own little Toffle(/Stinky) and Moomintroll:

    These and teachings of Emil Of Lönneberga and Pippi Longstocking cover about 99 % of everything I have ever tried to teach my kids. How much they have learned is another matter. But now that someone has kindly collected many important life lessons of Moomins together in English, I wanted to share those with you :bigsmile:
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  2. trinityroyal

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    SuZir, they are lovely. I'm going to have to go and hunt up some Moomins now. I'm sure I can find English versions of the books.

    nd I agree Top Hats are the BEST hats.
  3. SuZir

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    I think English version of many books can be found at least from Amazon. All comics are likely not translated to English. Novels and picture books are more children friendly, comics have more humour for adult taste.