Lights at the edge of darkness are far apart but there

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    That's a line from cheesy pop song currently playing at the radio every morning on my way to work and that is also the place where Ache is.

    The effect of rTMS started to fade quite quickly after treatment was stopped, but it luckily seems that starting it again has had positive effects. Unfortunately rTMS is available only rather limited way and it seems that Ache needs weekly treatment to sustain good effects. It's not a problem now that he is at home, but the closest place offering rTMS from example the city his team is in, is almost two hours away. AQlso many have bad experiences that effectiveness of rTMS doesn't last that long, which is the pity considering how low/no side-effects treatment it is compared to other options

    His depression did not get that bad between ending and restarting the treatment and it came out mostly as an anger and irritability. That again led to some new social problems with the people in local lower level team Ache's team arranged him to train with after he felt ready to go back to work. His team has of course had to replace Ache and they do not think they will need Ache this spring. It is totally up in the air what they decide to do with him after the season. We strongly recommend Ache not to accept them paying him out even if the alternative is, that they pay him to stay home and he will not be able to play anywhere. Ache is dead set against that of course.

    He also managed to get public, social media tangle with the guy, who was doing some nasty 'pranks' to him last summer which kind of triggered this current crisis. Ache of course came out looking like an idiot, with other guy being able to make it look like 'friendly mocking', which it of course was not, but if you do not know the background, that is how one would read it. Ache got in to the trouble with his team about that too. Not good.

    Overall he has been a pain to live with, but mostly has done better outside home, and luckily is in good enough place to spend quite a lot of time outside of home, helping extended family with this or that, having his daily practise with that local team after they accepted him back after kicking him out once because all the trouble he caused, taking the Uni class in no-acceleration program and so on.

    No suicide attempts or suicidal talk, but some self harming and/or reckless behaviour incidents and general negativity and cynicism.
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    "Lights at the edge of darkness are far apart but there."

    This is beautiful imagery. To hope.

    That there is help for Ache that does not carry negative side effects is so fortunate a thing. Is rTMS the therapy having to do with eye movement, Su Zir?

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    There are no easy answers, SuZir. It's really hard when every option is the wrong answer. I feel for Ache - and for you.