*Liquid Stainless Steel*


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I'm constantly doing small home improvement projects as my budget allows. Not too long ago I replaced the knobs in my kitchen to brushed nickel and instead of re-hinging all of the cabinets to match the knobs I found some terrific paint at Michael's craft store and painted the old ones instead...and I painted the brass around the light with this paint...and I thought I was a GENIUS for thinking of doing these things...

Has anyone tried it?


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Suz, I pointed this out to husband (who was less than impressed); however, I'm pumped & would like to do all my appliances sometime this summer.

Much cheaper in the long run than new appliances. Then I pointed out to husband everything else I could do. :faint: He had to remind me of my energy level, the age of our home, & the fact that we have tweedles. Don't care - still want a complete remodel in our home. :rofl: I'd like to convert our back porch into a mud room - not likely. :rolleyes:


(the future) MRS. GERE
Linda, you use this stuff first and let me know how it goes, will ya? :wink:

I'm such a skeptic I have to wonder if it's one of those things that is too good to be true.....but the video makes it more believable. I've seen/heard on either Trading Spaces or HGTV references to taking your appliances to a good automotive painting place to have them painted....and this is automotive grade paint so maybe it really is for real?

Regardless, I'd sure like my pocketbook to match my home improvement job list. :rofl:



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It looks fantastic!

I doubt the paint would wash off. My father actually had some appliances painted years ago when they moved into a new home and the stove or fridge - whichever it was - was perfectly good but the color scheme changed. The paint job lasted for years.

This makes me think maybe if I find my new appliances that I want to get in stainless then I can just refinish my old ones...hmmm. An idea is being born...lmao.


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Never tried the stainless, but my mom and dad had their appliances painted when they bought the house we are now getting ready to sell for my mom.

Their appliances were all aqua! They came in and use a special heat resistent paint and they did the stove and diswasher front and refrigerator.

Mom has also had her tile in the shower painted (again, it was aqua - what were those previous owners thinking????) a biscuit color. Again, a special paint, special process, but it worked great.

The aqua toilet and sink ... well, those they just had pulled out and replaced.

Voila ... all the aqua gone.