Literally beat up today.Almost called 911


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I'm on hold with ins. company to find out my exact benefits. I have to get her evaled again. I was just kicked, head butted scratched and almost bit and told she was going to call 911 because I was holding her down. I had just told mighty mouse to bring me the phone, because I was about 10 seconds from calling myself. Her room is destroyed. She kicked the door, pulled all of her clothes out of the laundry hamper and threw them on the floor as well as anything else she could get her hands on.

While I'm typing, I just find out how badly my ins. stinks when it comes to mental illness. I have to meet this ridiculous deductible, which only 80% of the bills apply to the deductible. She's only allowed 30 inpatient days and 20 outpatient. Ugh! However, after I kinda melted down over this, he put me on hold and came back and told me that if my child is diagnosis'd with a "biologically-based" disorder, I only have to pay my copay. I asked if Bipolar disorder was under that umbrella and he said yes. HA! If I'd known that, I would have had her evaled years ago. For goodness sakes, why have they kept that a secret?

So, I've made the appointment. (I've been typing this in peices). I actually got a provider to give me an appointment at the end of the month, instead of six months from now.....that's a shocker!

I think I'm going to get both kids off to bed and make myself an apple martini! :smile: I think I really deserve a good stiff drink tonight.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>I'm sorry. Just when you let out the breath you have been holding they spiral down.
The fact that she has a seizure disorder is also a reason to to get evaluation. </span>


I'm sorry. Raging is really hard to handle. It's great that you were able to arrange an evaluation so quickly.

Has Trileptal helped at all?


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Teh trileptal has helped with the seizures. I thought it was helping (along with the diet modification), until lately. She's been really spiraling down for the past couple of weeks. She's had a couple of rages and has said things like "my life is miserable" When asked why, because I yell at her for stupid things (like when I was trying to get her off on time for school when she was doddling or because I told her she couldn't wear a tank top to school that day). Maybe this is a seizure, I don't know, but I won't get the neurolgist to admit to that. In reality, like I've said before, my mother's family is plagued with bipolar/schizophrenic disorders. I'm thinking Missy is bipolar. Too many things fit the bill.


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Aw Loth... so sorry!! Sounds like a *rough* day.

I am glad you had your own mini meltdown and got results. :wink: Shhhh.... just don't let the kids know that sometimes it works.

Hope you're able to get some useful info/advice/something from the evaluation.

Hang in there - apple martooni sounds mahvelous!

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In the past, I didn't wait to find out about insurance issues - I called 911 & worked things out with the hospital SWs.

If it's a matter of safety - get the situation under control then fine tune the details. Now may be the time to get a crisis plan in place; who to call, when & etc.

Sorry you're having such a rough day. I hope things settle tonight. I'll join you - never had an apple martini.


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I'm so sorry. Been there, done that. My son's bed never did get put back together... he's got a mattress on the floor next to a box spring with-holes punched in it. There is also a hole in the wall that he made.
I'm not fixing anything until I'm SURE he's past that point.
His rages only happen when he hasn't taken his Adderol, so at least I have a clue.
I wish you the best. Enjoy that appletini. It's got to have fewer calories than the pile of mini-Snickers I just ate!

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I'm so sorry you had to experience that. I"m very glad that you have an appointment at the end of the month. Hugs to you. Am saying a prayer that things get better quickly.


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it amazes me the super human strength they have! it used to take three of us to restrain ant whenhe was small.

I hope you are ok and get some help to calm this storm.


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Sarah.....720 mg a day. She's about 50 pounds.

Nomad, I wish I had a prn medication, but I don't. I do use some homeopathic stuff, but it only helps with the anxiety, not full-on rages.

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It's not easy to convince a psychiatrist to prescribe a PRN medication. Many psychiatrists feel that a parent will use it for their convenience versus a child's need.

Our psychiatrist didn't prescribe any PRNs until he had known us for at least a year & had watched husband & I in action with the tweedles.

I hope that you have a calmer day.


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She seemed a bit calmer this morning. I was on pins and needles with her until she went to sleep. She got set off right before bed, too, but I was able to squash it before it got out of control.

husband and I had a long talk last night, when he got home. We made some plans for if and when this happens next time. He will come straight home from work. I will call the p-doctor if this happens between now and my appointment and see if I can get her in earlier. It's only a week and a half from now, so hopefully, it won't be an issue.

Just when I thought those type of rages were over, the cycle starts all over again.

I put them both to bed just after 7 last night. I was done like a baked potato. I just couldn't deal with either of them, anymore.


Sounds like a really bad day... Hugs

It seems I've seen info on preparing a crisis plan in one of the archive forum. I don't remember all the details, but seems one of the recommendations was insuring a medicial history was handy to grab when transporting, etc.


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I'm so sorry, my friend :flower: Why didn't you message me? :crying:

Dylan's done the "I hate my life", "my life is miserable", etc type thing. He doesn't have seizures, I wouldn't think that has anything to do with anything.

I guess (not knowing much about seizures) I would ask if she remembers what she did. Does she remember the rage? You know what the seizure looks like - is this the same?

Dylan was very destructive with his rages. Are you keeping a daily journal or log for the psychiatrist? Maybe you could record this rage with a camera phone or some type of video device. That's what I did for our most recent psychiatrist, so someone believed me and could see it for himself.

If I can help or be an ear, please call/email/PM me or whatever. I can completely relate to what you're saying. Must be that time of the month. Dylan had a rough night the same night as you had this problem with her (he said he felt like he could do a million jumping jacks at 9 PM, OMG!).

Hugs, friend.


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Lothlorien</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Sarah.....720 mg a day. She's about 50 pounds. </div></div>
She's taking the Trileptal for partial seizures? Normal therapeutic dose range for monotherapy for seizure control is 600-900 mg/day for children weighing 44 pounds. For children weighing 55 pounds the range is 900-1200 mg/day. However, sometimes the therapeutic dose is higher in children because children clear it from the body quite efficiently.

on the other hand, Trileptal may not be the right antiseizure medication whether she's taking it for partial seizures or bipolar.

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Nomad, I wish I had a prn medication, but I don't. I do use some homeopathic stuff, but it only helps with the anxiety, not full-on rages. </div></div>
The normal prn medications -- antipsychotics -- could lower the seizure threshold.


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Gosh, is something in the air this week? Big hugs going out to you, from someone who DID have to go the ambulance route this week. Those rages are never fun. I'm so sorry. Hopefully the psychiatrist is a huge help to you and gets you a solid diagnosis.

On a side note, I hadn't even *thought* to call my insurance company yet about my son's inpatient care. Who knows what kind of cost we're looking at. :faint: