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    hi to everyone

    i've kinda been gone for a while. i hope everyone's ok and difficult child's are ok and calm this weekend.

    so my little person 9 now with no medications and we ran out of chlonidine bad mom that i am so she's been up last night till who knwos with tv on same thing tonight

    so here's what i see she's hyper talks fast all the time is animated again is and seems happy but when gets mad at me gets so mad almost hit me the other night oh wait she did hit me....... anyway she can't focus on homework. she hastn' done alot of work in school shes falling behind terribly was at a 4 at beginning of year thats' the best now shs'es at 2 and heading down to 1. completely unfocused and teacher said seems oppositional yet sitter adn i both see severe focusing problems especially at hw time. wasnt' like this when she was medicated.

    sleep obvoiusly doesn't happen without the nighttime medication for sleep. tried melatonin it's like candy to her totaly joke does nothing. it's like a wild horse.

    so i just don't know if bi polar is it anymore watching her these past several weeks unmedicated. i dotn' see swings of moodiness as far as depression is concerned seems to be up most times or really ****** off at someone to be quite honest.

    when she;s mad watch out. so my guts saying wait a second maybe adhd she's not a jumper out of seat kid in thursday evaluation. results are coming in should be interesting let's see if it's worth teh almost 5k i have to pay off. it had better be.

    can i do this wtihout medications i'm not sure i think i can i need to learn tools to assist her focusing and she needs medications for sleep. she's flourishing socially by the way which is so weird now the anxiety's dropped considerably no more worries before bed pretty much. is anxious dont' get me wrong about just anything else. but related to school absolute minimal as of late.

    weird, huh..??
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    I, obviously, cannot answer whether you can do this with-o medications for your difficult child. I wonder if your difficult child will be able to function on a level that is acceptable with-o medications. Again, I'm not the one to answer that question.

    It sounds like with-o the medications, your difficult child will need a great deal of extra help in learning impulse control, calming enough to sleep & staying on task.

    My question to you would be, to what end? If your difficult child functions better & at a higher level with the medications why would you not utilize that resource?

    In our household, medications were a cra$shoot until we hit the best possible mix. Now it's teaching skills that were never learned or lost when the tweedles were not on the right medications. Now, especially in kt, we are seeing the ability to not only learn, but to use those life skills on a daily basis. As kt is showing improvements, psychiatrist is slowly decreasing - even discontinuing some medications. We're tweaking to the lowest possible dosages for kt & still have her functioning, doing as she is now. wm is still a experiment in progress.

    Just a few thoughts for you. As a mom - you are the only one who will know what you can & cannot handle & how your difficult child is doing.
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    Obviously, we can't diagnosis over the internet -- and I'm glad you're getting results of your evaluation this Thursday -- but kids with pure ADHD may be inattentive and impulsive, but they don't stay up all night. Decreased need for sleep is a symptom of mania, period. Furthermore, if difficult child is able to sleep, she may be able to focus better at school.
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    your both right in each regard. i am looking forward to results on thursday. some slight enlightenment would be cool at this point. we've been sleepless this weekend. gotta get more chlonidine. :)
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    I dont' have much to add to this thread except that you just take things odaat and be gentle with yourself. I know you will do the best thing for your kids because you are a good mom. Listen to the docs and follow your instincts. Their better than you give yourself credit for. Hugs and loving thoughts.. ML
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    It sounds like it has been rough--Everyone's been surviving, but barely. Sending hugs !!! I hope you can get some more interventions in place in school. I do no learning is very hard when kids can't focus.

    Have you gotten results back yet from the neruopsych testing????

    Hopefully she'll get some sleep tonight !!