LOL Aspie literal thinking


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Okay, maybe this is a regular kid thing and not Aspie, but my difficult child takes everything SO literally and I keep forgetting... today he wanted to hang out with-a friend at a seafood place they own. They were going to "clean fish" (remember this phrase) and he insisted he knew how to do it and it was fine by him.
I said, "Are you sure? You know, you have to cut off the heads and scale them, and the eyes pop out, and then you cut a slit all the way down the middle, so you get two filets, and it's kind of messy..."
The expression on his face was priceless.
"I thought we were just going to wash them off!"



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That is hysterical!

My oldest who we think is Aspie is like that too.

One time when he was around 10 or so, we asked him to watch the bacon while we unloaded groceries from the car. Now most folks understand what this means. Not him! He stood there attentively and watched the bacon burn to a crisp in the pan and never came and told us or turned it off or flipped it or anything!

When asked why he didnt call us or anything...he told me to watch the bacon and I did!