Long Rant (edited), need Ins help


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I'm going nuts here.

The director of the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) we had lined up called and says that there's no room for him for at least a month, then it's still up in the air, if at all. It's primarily residential/long term, so the spots are filled quickly and few open if any.

AARRGGGGGHHHHHHH. Let me stop beating my head in the wall for a minute.

I have Kaiser. They are OK, but less than helpful on some levels, and that's being kind to them. They JUST got the contract with this facility (the ONLY one to my knowledge), but it's not a guaranteed number of beds for their patients, etc. They have no other mental facilities, only counseling and outpatient. Standard 72 hour for 5150, etc..

Right now, difficult child 2 is sitting pretty. He's behaving, doing what is asked, etc. I think he got pretty scared when I called the cops 7/19/04 because he was well out of control. That's the 4th time. I mean business when it comes to safety in my home. But, without the medications working now, I know anything at anytime will set him off.

Now that my rant is done. Do any of you have Kaiser? Has anyone been through this with them? If so (even if not), how do I work with them and possibly try to get an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and funding on my own?

Another Q - I have read that the actual notes of my difficult children file (phych department) are not availabe to me at any time. Is that true?

And what the HE$$ am I supposed to do now?????

FYI - F/T job, no $$$$ and live alone. No one will take this little *&^% off my hands, I've exausted those options.

To make it better, today his dad decided not to show, leaving difficult child 2 ALONE ALL DAY and has fallen off the earth. Why am I surprised?!

As always, I truely appreciate any and all input I get.



Suggest you move this to general in terms of how funding for Residential Treatment Center (RTC) works in CA. Bunch of people here from there who will know.

My recollection is that Medicaid will cover it via a Katie beckett Waiver. That is, difficult child will be treated as a family of one for income and assets Medicaid tests. Assuming difficult child has no income or assets he qualifies for medicaid as a back up insur to Kaiser. So if kaiser won't pay for it then medicaid takes over and pays for it. But I don't know who you apply to.


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I'm sorry I didn't see this til now......puter problems again. I wanted to add that if you have a doctor's recommendation that he needs to be admitted, I would ask for an appeal with Kaiser, they cannot deny services that are needed immediately just because of no bed availability. However since your difficult child is at home right now maintaining, they may come back and say that he is stable enough to be able to maintain with outpatient treatment. Could you at least see if they will get some in home wraparound services for you? BLUE