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    Hi, 18 years ago I was sitting in a hospital. I was scared and had no idea what was going to happen. My doctors had sent me to our University Hospital because I had high blood pressure and other things. My husband was in the Military and had been sent home when I went into the hospital because we had all been told that one or both I and the baby could die. The doctors in my local town had just lost a young woman and baby to this very thing and were not taking any chances.

    The people at the hospital were wonderful to a terrified 20 year old. I really didn’t feel bad most of the time. So this strange “disease” was even stranger to me. I had preeclampsia.

    On Halloween night I started to feel horrible. Unfortunately the Dr.’s at the University switch on the first and start new rotations so I was attended by an on call Dr that had no idea about my case. He thought I was suffering from an upset stomach. I thought the nurses were going to hurt him. They had been taking care of me for the last week and new that wasn’t what was wrong. At about 5:30am on the 1st of November they had one of the Staff doctors back in with me. They decided that I was going to go to the labor area of the hospital. They broke my water at around 10:30 – 11:00 and started the pitocin at about 2:30.

    I had my sweet Meagan at 5:36 pm that evening. She came out 3 lbs 6 oz, 16 ¼ inches long. She was 8 weeks early. Then a whole new kind of fear started. Would she be ok? Would the steroid shots have developed her lungs enough? Would she be normal?

    After 24 long days she was able to come home from the hospital. Since that time I have watched her and tried to make every effort not to be too over protective.

    The amazing thing is she will be 18 on Sunday. She just signed up to go into the National Guard. She has been an athlete. She has been a good kid. I may have had a rocky start with bringing her into this world but I was blessed with one of the most amazing people to raise. I look at the pictures from over the years and think of all the times I was told she was still too small. She wasn’t on the charts. I doubted myself and second guessed so many things for this child. But obviously I did something right because she has turned into this wonderful young woman. No longer a child but always my child.

    As she continues her journey I am so excited to watch her graduate this year and start her National Guard commitment. I can’t wait to see what comes next.
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    Gee! I'm crying! This is beautiful, Mrs Cat.
    God bless you for your maternal love and watch over your child during this new phase of her life.
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    Happy Almost-18th Birthday Meagan! What a beautiful memory you have, Beth! :D
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    What a beautiful story, Beth!

    Happy Birthday to Meagan!
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    You have every reason to be proud of her. :D :D

    I had to lol at her weight/length and prematurity. She weighed in only 1 oz less than I did but was a half inch longer....same length of prematurity. Of course that was 45 yrs ago. lol

    I'm still short. I was always too short according to docs. They shut up when both my girls wound up being an inch shorter than me once they reached adulthood. That's when they decided it probably had nothing to do with my birth afterall. Both my girls were full term and healthy as horses. lol ;)

    I wish her all the best in the National Guard. Wow! Those 18 yrs go fast, don't they? :D
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    Happy birthday, young lady.

    Thanks for making your mama proud.
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    Sound like you have a winner there.

    Happy birthday, Megan!!
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    I had tears reading this beautiful thread. Thank you for sharing and Happy Birthday to Megan!
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    Happy Birthday Meagan!

    Those years do fly by dont they? I swear we just blink and they are grown. Good luck to both of you on this next step in your journey.
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    Happy Birthday Meagan. My baby girl will be 20 on Sunday. I understand the pride and joy you feel when you look at your daughter because I also feel that way about mine.
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    Ah, Beth. I thought I was going to make it through today without crying. What a beautiful story. Be proud of her...and yourself.

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    Beth, thank you for sharing your very touching story. I'm all teary.

    Happy Birthday to Meagan.

    And good job, proud mama.