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    Bureaucracies really burn my toast. Fortunately, I expected this because it's already happened to many parents in IL.

    Quick history - IL has a unique grant program for severely mentally ill children. It pays for both community-based services (but not medications/therapist/psychiatrist or hospitalizations) and Residential Treatment Center (RTC). By the time I finally applied in 2000, difficult child had been hospitalized 15 times (with 1 more while we were waiting to see if we got the grant). Criteria is that the child must have "impaired reality testing". The application process involved a whole slew of documentation, which in difficult child's case was really pretty easy to supply, unfortunately.

    Fast forward to last year, when the administrative part of the program was contracted out to a company that I have unfortunately had way too much contact with- as the gatekeeper of our mental health insurance. Based on past experience, their policy is to deny coverage, services, payment, etc. They are holding true to form.

    difficult child lost the grant. I'm fighting it, of course. What they're doing is changing the rules, now requiring that the child meet that initial "impaired reality testing" critera (in their administrative eyes) but at the same time *not* requesting the same detailed documentation that is required with the initial application. Then they tell you you can't submit any new information in the appeal - but they don't tell you that until *after* you've been denied. To say I'm outraged would be a gross understatement.

    It will probably be a moot point for difficult child, since he will probably be a dropout by summer and therefore be ineligible, but this kind of manipulative bureaucratic bologna just inflames me.

    To top it off, when I called the agency to tell them they've out of their minds, I got this disgustingly condescending woman on the phone, blathering on about "recovery" and blah blah blah. You know what? Recovery is not going to happen with- my kid. He's *that* ill. The best we can hope for is he doesn't hurt himself (which I fear is an increasing danger) or someone else (which I think might be a lesser danger now). When I told her she obviously must not have a mentally ill child, she admitted she didn't but she "knew" what I was going thru. Uh - nope, not a clue.

    ARGH! I'm just shaking, I'm so utterly torqued right now.
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    So where does this leave him? Tossed out into the streets?
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    Aw, Sue. I'd hoped the Advisory Councils memo would stop their craziness. I'm very concerned because Kanga's renewal is just a couple of months away. I'm going to flood them with the documentation I have and hope it is enough. The director of her Residential Treatment Center (RTC) said that there is some new form that the collaberative is having them submit quarterly and they figured it was related to denying renewals and supposedly have been stressing all their ICG kiddos continued impaired reality.

    Luckily (only for this reason), Kanga's voices are increasing in their demands, she is having conversations with them and once again admitting to full visual hallucinations.
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    Well, Janet, that's the million dollar question. Cory need a roommate? :rofl:

    We had seriously toyed with- the idea of trying to buy a second home in Cook Co. for oldest and thank you to live in - oldest because daughter services are better in Cook and thank you... just so he'd have a roof over his head - but with- thank you's drug use now, not happening. He really wants to move back home but... you know the history. I just don't believe for a second it would last and I worry about more trauma for the sibs. I don't know... I just don't. Grant is in effect until 05/09/2009, longer if the appeal is still in process (which I seriously doubt will happen - I'm sure they will just re-deny pretty quickly because that's their job).

    thank you's backup plan (if he doesn't get into college - as a HS dropout - to get his degree in criminal psychology) is to join the Navy. Ummmm.... isn't that in and of itself proof of "impaired reality testing"? Sigh.... sometimes I'm just not real sure who the crazy ones are. Maybe it's me - a nice quiet room with some activity therapy and light sedation is sounding really *really* good right now.
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    JJJ, I'd very very *strongly* suggest you submit an updated packet identical to your original application packet, including a recent psychiatric evaluation. Parents weren't/aren't supposed to do that for renewals, but... you know now the beast you're dealing with-. Glad Residential Treatment Center (RTC) is dotting their t's and crossing their i's. I know the TLP probably didn't submit anything even remotely clinical because how could they? He's AWOL most of the time. :hammer:
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    Well Sue...Cory does have an extra bedroom...lol. thank you would have to give up the harder drugs though...only pot allowed at Cory's...lmao. He is particular that way.

    thank you is on SSI right? You desperately need to look into income based housing for him. There is no way he is going to college or into the Navy...aint happening. Sorry thank you, the military doesnt take mentally ill kids who have been in Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for the last 9 years...lol. Especially when they dont have a HS diploma and have drug issues. If they did, Cory would be in the military. But back to housing...go get him on the waiting list...tell them he is coming out of TLP and will be homeless. They may get him pushed to the top. Hopefully you have some public transportation there. He can use that to get around. Just find him someplace to live. SIgh. If there are any mental health group homes that take adults...they might take ssi and medicaid but thank you would have to agree there...income based housing might be more acceptable to him as "he is now an adult".
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    Janet - excellent suggestion and one I've been making to both thank you and TLP for over a year now. DMH actually has a program specifically aimed at kids emerging from long-term residential placements. Unfortunately, the kid has to be cooperative. I know this will shock your socks off, but he's not cooperative. ;) He doesn't need "help". Won't accept "housing". Doesn't want MH services, doesn't want SSI, can do it all on his own when he has to, in spite of zero preparation and not having the foggiest idea of how to do *anything*.

    I'm sitting here researching "impaired reality testing" and quite frankly, if he isn't the poster child for it, I don't know who is. Hope this appeals person enjoys academic reading. She's getting a boatload.
  8. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    :grrr: I'm mad right there with you! Ludicrous...
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    Hey, if we lose our grant are thank you or Cory looking for a very young wife? Just Kidding..but the options dry up quickly when your child is still a minor.
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    Well, he's on his way to be evaluated for suicidal ideation - again. I'm a horrible person because I told staff they shouldn't even be calling me. He's 18. HIPAA. Etc.

    Sigh.... what a totally hoovering day.
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    When I told her she obviously must not have a mentally ill child, she admitted she didn't but she "knew" what I was going thru. Uh - nope, not a clue.

    Oh geez! @@ I hate it when people say things like this, however, have never walked even one quarter a mile in our shoes. They don't have to go through the meltdowns of our children where it wants to make us have meltdowns of our own due to telling and telling and telling and not getting the help we need for our children. They don't "know" anything!
    I pray that you get the help you need for your son before something drastic happens and you have to call them back and say thanks for nothing because now *this or *that has happened to my son, that YOU wouldn't help!
    Disgusting!!!!!!! ((( Hugs )))
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    I'm so sorry, Sue.
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    I am so sorry.

    Why isn't it a REQUIREMENT to have a mentally ill child of your own to work in jobs like that??? Oh, yeah, because you might have a HEART and a BRAIN and understand that the kids NEED the care the $$ buys??

    Anyway, I am just torqued with you!
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    I'm sorry. I also thank God that I don't "understand" from experience how bad and sad the road is with serious mental health issues. Our problems are minor in comparison buy also very frustrating.

    Why Joe Public can't support mental health assistance in lieu of building more prisons I'll never understand. In simple dollars and cents, forgetting all about compassion, it is the wiser fiscal choice to provide help.

    If there's a way, I'm sure you'll find it. Your difficult child is lucky to have you! DDD
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    Contracting out the decision makers was a budget thing for your state; hence bringing in people totally out of the loop with extremely mentally ill children is easy to deny ~ these people haven't been trained like the state workers on what these kids need.

    So did the original decision makers all get laid off?

    This is all about the bottom line & balancing a likely huge deficit on the backs of people who cannot advocate for themselves.

    This gets to me ~ I see it happening all around me & expect it to hit here soon.

    Sue, you are expert at fighting the good fight & we're right behind you.
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    That really hoovers! And it makes me ill.

    I am so sorry for all you have to go through.
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    I got my appeal letter done - only 3 pages, LOL. A post-it note for me. ;)

    I'm sure the MD will ignore it because it's "new information" , but how ironic is it that thank you gets suicidal again the night before I get the letter. Yep, he's "recovered". I need a case of Mylanta.

    by the way, he apparently was admitted last night. New milestone I guess - first adult psychiatric admission.:sick:
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    JJJ...uhhh..NO Thanks on the young wife. Cory is already raising a young girlfriend and she would go nuts with jealousy.
  19. JJJ

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    That's okay Janet, I don't think Kanga would have gone for it anyway LOL. Kanga (currently 14) is already planning to marry a 12-year old boy from her school. She knows once she turns 18 she cannot have any contact with him until he turns 17 (legal age of consent in our state) but they are planning on having babies before that "no contact" year and moving into a 4-bedroom house near his dad as soon as he turns 18. Really unclear on where these babies are living cause it is not going to be here and I don't think his dad is too kean on having more little ones under foot either. Residential Treatment Center (RTC) staff cannot break through her delusional thinking on this...
  20. DammitJanet

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    Hmm....sounds like a plan JJJ...lmao