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    What happened with the washer?
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    Funny you ask.....after mulling and mulling it over with husband, we decided to buy a new washer. Just bought it today and it will be delivered on Monday. We bought a Samsung....the one with the vibration technology. I've been looking at all the reviews for all the washers and this one had the best reviews and a lot of them. It was about $639.

    Can't really afford it right now, but I got them to give me free shipping and I also have no interest for two years. I figure, if I have to go to the laundromat, it's going to cost me about $80 a month, but I'll pay this off in two years for way less than that. I put it on the store card, which has nothing on it, anyway.

    My biggest concern about fixing the washer that we have now, is that in another year, I'll have to spend another $220 on replacing the spider wheel/drum, which is apparently made from faulty alloy and after watching a video on Kenmore front loaders that showed three screws sticking out of the metal drum that score the plastic drum, eventually causing the thing to leak, we were leary about keeping this washer on the second floor and sinking even more money into it. I will never buy another Kenmore appliance. We used to be die hard Kenmore people. What a shame. Since moving into this house, all the Kenmore appliances that we've bought have had issues. This was not the case 10 year ago.

    The Samsung washer that we bought is recommended for second floors, whereas many other washers aren't because of the shaking. husband had to fix the sheetrock in several rooms upstairs. I hadn't realized that it was because of the washer.

    Anyway, we did a lot of research and I think we made the right decision. Thanks for your help, though. We really did talk over the options you told us about.
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    Oh yeah, the other good news is that I also get a $75. rebate from the state because it's Energey Star Rated with a MEF of 2.65 (an energy rating)
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    Yeah, I had seen that thing about the aluminum spider attached to the steel drum, too. How cheap/stupid! We really can't afford one right now, so we will just keep hoping that it continues to do the job for now.