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  2. Scent of Cedar *

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    "We love life not because we are used to living, but because we are used to loving.

    Friedrich Nietzsche

    Do we feel this is true? That whether we love (and by extrapolation, whether we choose hatred and victimization and denigration ~ which must be my word of the day because I certainly have been using it alot this morning) is, like happiness, less a matter of events than a state of mind?

    Is it a choice, to choose love?

    Is it a continuum, this matter of choice to choose love or hate? Or do we sometimes slip into hatred and despair, fall into it, and forget how to come home?

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    I see it as a continuum. I can love less without it being hate. I can hate some trait, and not have boiling hatred toward the individual. Both love and hate have extremes.