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:grin:, love the name, lol.

Sorry, haven't updated lately. difficult child is doing so well I almost feel guilty posting about him. Physically he is well, repeat WBC had gone from 29,000 down to 10.4, although he still has a little cough.

Behavior...well, since finally getting over whatever illness he had and can hold down all of his medications, he is doing very well. He is pretty much "normal" right now. I've only seen little snippets of obsessive ideas but they usually surface when he is really tired close to bedtime.

difficult child helps pick up toys, does things when asked, just a regular kid. I am just enjoying it while it lasts.

We are supposed to have an ice storm on Tuesday. Here in my area of Texas they are few and far between. Last one we had interrupted our power for 4 days. I'm hoping that won't be the case with this one.

Take care,


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That's a great update Donna! May the great behavior continue...
We're supposed to get an ice/snow storm later today through tomorrow. I know the feeling. Ugh!!!


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I'm glad things are going well, too, Donna ,that's great :bravo:

Hope the ice storm doesn't effect you guys.