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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ohthatboyofmine, Oct 18, 2008.

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    I have a 5 year old son. I have known almost since his birth something wasn't quite right, but I wasn't really able to get anyone in the medical field to take me seriously. Long story short, we now have a great pediatrician who is really helping us a lot. She recently sent my son for an EEG, which came back abnormal. Now I am really scared. I've looked it up and it could be an attention problem (which I am sure he has), but it could also be a brain tumor (he shows no signs of this, but still I worry).

    Anyone here have any experience with this?
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    Do you know what was abnormal about the EEG? Have you been referred to a pediatric neurologist for evaluation and treatment?

    An EEG measures brain waves. Many times when the test comes back abnormal, it indicates seizures. Seizures frequently require medications and are treatable.
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    I agree with Smallworld, you need to see a pediatric neurologist to interpret and explain the test results. Welcome out of lurkdom. :)
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    Thank you for your responses.

    He has been referred to a neurologist. I'm just waiting for an appointment. The Dr. did mention seizures, but I haven't really noticed anything aside from the fact that he completely zones out while watching TV.
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    He could be having mild seizures. Then, again, it could be totally not a big deal. There is no way to diagnose things like ADHD from an EEG though. You need a neuropsychologist for childhood disorders, such as ADHD, mood disorders, high functioning autism etc. If you have known he was different from birth, I am thinking that he needs an evaluation beyond just the EEG or a pediatrician's skill--they are limited. Take care of this first, then I'd see another type of professional. My favorite for little ones is NeuroPsychs and many use Developmental Pediatricians, especially if there are delays, poor eye contact, or a child who doesn't like to cuddle.
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    There are many, many reasons for a abnormal eeg. My 7 year old's eeg has always been abnormal because she has miochondrial dna disease a gentic condition. He could have a brain abnormality wich is not serious but shows up on an eeg. He could also have something serious. Keep being proactive. It took us 5 years to get a diagnosis for our daughter. Blessings.