Made husband go to difficult children appointment alone


So of course it went well. He got to meet the teacher for this year and see some changes they made at placement.

Every time I go it is such a drama and they are so closed mouthed about this or that. ARgh...

husband tells me difficult child 2 was good and cooperative the whole time.

So typical. husband wants to know why I was in a mood after he told me all of this. I said I wasn't mad at anyone. Unbelievable that things can be so different.



Here we go again!
I think women tend to be more receptive to men than they do to other women. Maybe that's why things went differently...


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It is not bad that things went well when husband went to the appointment. It is good. I vote for having husband go to all of the appts from now on. Perhaps you will go every 3rd time or so - along with husband.

Seems like a plan that will bring about some peace in your life.


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mrscatinthehat, my husband has recently started taking difficult child to his therapist, too. From the first time he took him, the appointments are going better. At first I was hurt....afterall, I've been taking him alone for the last four years! Maybe the time was just right for difficult child to be doing better? I dunno. I finally decided I didn't care, if we could ALL just be getting a little peace. Now I view it as a little time for me to be ALL alone while they go. I've been a trigger for his bad behavior for soooooo long, maybe we were all doing the wrong things for me to be with him each time?

Just be glad it went well.......and breathe.....


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I completely understand how you feel. Try to look at the bright side,things went well and you didn't have to be the one to deal with it! I agree with those above that say let dad deal with it now.


Unfortunately these are the "family" sessions at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC). So I took a day off just because I needed to. If I could avoid the hassle I would but unfortunately family includes me. Just once in a while I have to say nope not going to this one. husband doesn't argue with me about it either. He knows that it is recharge the batteries time. We go every other week to each difficult child for sessions. So each Monday during the school year we go to each of them alternately. It just gets old once in a ehile when itis the same thing over and over again and nothing changes. Just have to take my own mental health day.