Make it stop!!!!


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Can I seriously get off this ride for 5 minutes???

Yesterday was K's 6 year checkup, the nurse said they give vaccines for Hep A here now and it was up to us if we wanted it now or later... So I asked K if she wanted it now or we could wait it was not big deal. Set her OFF! She started whimpering, then wanted to hide, got under the exam table, elevated quickly. By the time doctor walked in K was screaming leave my here, everyone leave me alone, get out!!!

I got N out of the room, we left her in there to chill, she destoyed the room. The whole place was in shock. She was screaming like a wild banshee... blood curdling!
Well after an hour I was able to get her out... No exam, no shot. HA HA
They were all amazed at what I deal with!!!
So needless to say reast of the day was real fun!!!

So last night 1:30 in the a.m. I here a loud thump, and then a scream... with my heart in my chest i run into K's room... she is laying on the floor. "I fell Mommy, my knee hurts" So I ask her if she is OK she says her knee hurts but she just fell and is OK. I get her into bed, thinking she fell out of bed during a night terror... back to sleep.

This morning 6a.m. she starts yelling that her stuffed puppy has dark spots all over him, I think blood! I run into her room. She has blood all over her face, I could not see this last night! Her chin is split open!!!
So I clean it up a bit and lay her on my bed, I mention that we may have to go to the doctor, she starts throwing up!!!
SO I calm her down and I figure I am going to wait until the peds open at 8 am.

I get her breakfast, medications, Motrin. I tell her she is going to look like Harry Potter, only her chin!!!
SO her peds is freaking out because of yesterday. So they want her to come in to try and do it in office. The ER is next door, just in case.
The pediatrician, says it needs stitches but because of K's anxiety etc. She feels the best thing to do is glue it and butterfly it. I agreed. K did pretty well... she was holding on to the Harry Potter image. The whole office was on edge!!! It was pretty funny actually!
It was probably good for them to see, you know?
Anyway she waited until we got into the car to lose it... now she is elevated again!!! With purple glue and strips up her chin!!!
Oh and the in-laws arrive this afternoon and I have not had a chance to clean a thing!!!
I am so done!!! I have 2 weeks of entertaining.... someone send me some strength!!!

N was completely traumatized by the visit yesterday... poor thing.
Take a deep breath.... :bath:


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Wow. Atleast your pediatrician got to see what you deal with and now when you tell them what goes on they wont think that you are exagerating.

Good luck with the inlaws. Hopefully they will offer to watch K and N so you can have a break and some "me" time.




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Oh Boy!!!! I am SO sorry! You must be out of your mind! :crazy:

I will be sending strong happy thoughts your way. Hang in there!


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:smile: Boy oh boy do I relate to doctor visits like that. Not only doctor visits but store ,schools, family outings ect.........I have called my mom numerous times to ask her to make it stop crying like a baby. Hang in there .


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Oh T! I hope you find some time to take that bubble bath for real!!!!

Amazing how she said her knee hurt, but never her chin! These kids of ours, I tell ya! I'm glad you were able to get her put back together without a repeat of the day earlier.

Just two more weeks....



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Oh you poor thing. I wish I could get you off that ride. When the in laws get there - you must need something at the store and they should spend quality time with their grandchildren anyway, right??


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I'm so sorry. Try not to stress about the house and in-laws. Maybe you could put them to work cleaning? Or babysitting while you nap? Just a thought.

Maybe its wrong of me, but when ever he acts up in front of someone else it feels validating. Like 'see this is what I live with 24/7'.

I think you need a pause a button for the kids. Hey, all of us probably need that. Hang in there.