Man injured in mooning incident

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mstang67chic, Jun 4, 2008.

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    What a dork...but I would have loved to see it happen!
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    That's a good one!!!
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    I heard this on the news this morning in the car, and the news reporter stared to say ripped himself a new....and then caught himself and reworded it a little more politely.

    It was kinda funny

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    Marcie - THAT comment was HYSTERICAL! thanks for the laugh.

    Mustang - Now that's some serious dairy air.
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    That is too funny!!! Why can I see one of our clumsier difficult child's pulling that kind of stunt with similar results?? I hope the "Moonie" wasn't too badly hurt.
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    Just think what th "A" in LMAO means.

    THAT'S funny!!!
  12. Abbey

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    Lesson learned the hard way. What a pain in the arse (snicker, snicker) to learn it that way.

  13. mstang67chic

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    I was just thinking that he is awfully lucky. Depending on how far into the window he went, he could have............well.........let's just say he could have done damage to more than his cheeks!
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    I think that could be called "Instant Karma"!

    I wonder if that's where that old expression came from about how the impulsive, thoughtless things you do could "come back and bite you in the b*typical teen"?
  15. Star*

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    Have any of you considered the "after" effects of this moron's decision? I mean we're all in stitches reading this but he's LITERALLY in stitches. ANd...

    There will be subsequent follow up visits
    Those visits will require him to get his stitches checked
    Another visit to remove the stitches (how humilliating)
    And he's NEVER going to look good in a thong.

    Can only wonder if he ever considered that since he had a propensity to SHOW HIS ARSE to the world - NOW they are seeing it.

    I'd Love to send him a BUTT OX shirt......remember the cow with a body that looked like a butt? :surprise: