Manual to help Victims of Bullying


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This link was originally posted by Allen. It has a great deal of useful info regarding bullying and bullies and the victims.

It will be in our links section and general archives.

The Victims Manual

I hope it helps you help your child deal with bullies. I know my easy child has had to deal with this for several years.

Thanks Allan.


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This is an excellent link I hadn't seen before. My youngest easy child was in tears this week from a neighborhood bully. I'm going to read this manual with him.



Former desparate mom
Bullying is a real problem. Elise, I hope this helps your son and mine figure out how to survive it.


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I've had this for a while. IT's got great advice but didn't do anything for my difficult child.

The biggest hurdle is the step where you don't let the teasing bother you. How do you convince a difficult child who takes everything so personally and is deeply hurt and offended by teasing or remarks that he should just ignore it? Not worry about it? THAT is the problem. He can't ignore it. He has to worry about it. He doesn't know how to let it go. We've been working on this but for my difficult child, so far no success.