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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Worried about you and the grass/brush fires in your area! :anxious: I can see the smoke from my area and heard they had the highschool evacuated to their concrete/steel gymnasium.
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    There were a string of fires started along the 60 - first one about 7 houses away. Danny got a call from one of his friends who was at the gas station at the corner saying "Dude, the hillside across the street from your house is on fire. Dan runs out, says I don't see anything then he turned around and sure enough, comes in yelling fire, fire. We notified as many neighbors as we could and got the neighbor who had the neighborhood watch phone numbers- there is one elderly couple about three homes down so Danny ran and got SO's wheelchair and took him out to another neighbors house. When I called the fire department,they said oh, we had a call for the 60 by the school - didn't realize yet there were about 7 of them set. It got to the 4th home down and they got it under control - its about 80% contained right now.

    Thankfully their was almost no wind at that time of the day - I could just see the lovely pine trees that line the road turn into torches if it wasn't - but Danny wet down the roof just in case.

    Its still pretty smoky, and lots of ash floating around, but they have all 6 or 7 fires contained. Both boys went to Diamond Ranch - there is only one way in and out, extremely steep terraine, and its sitting right in the middle of a heavy brush area that surrouinds it. I used to always worry about a fire up there - parents on the news were furious because the school called them to come and pick up their kids - and the police wouldn't let anyone up there. Even though the school is concrete and steel, still, having just one entrance/exit is incredibly short sighted on whoever built that thing.

    So thanks for asking, all is calm, everyone is safe, and no homes lost thankfully. We have a sound wall on the freeway across the street that goes pretty much the length of Palamino - had that not been there it could have been worse.

    They have already picked up a "person of interest". Someone had to be in a car tossing stuff out with all of the flash points.


    Update: Apparently it was a Ford F150 whose catalitic converter was on fire merrily driving down the freeway - they stopped him at Euclid on the 60..
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    Ugh. I'm glad the family is safe...
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    So glad to hear you and yours are safe. How scary for it to be so close just like that *snap*.
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    Geez, Marcie...what a nightmare. Those Cali fires don't play well. Be safe.

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    Wow - I didn't even see the fires this morning on my way to work. Guess I should have looked closer...
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    Glad to hear you are safe! Was it the Ford that the news radio was reporting fully engulfed on the side of the freeway shortly after the fire started?
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    Gosh, Marcie- I still have nightmares about the fires we had decades ago in San Diego. I'm sooooooooooooo glad you and yours are safe.

    Big hugs,