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Hope your post surgical child is doing great by now?
Hope your hmeschooled one is catching up on work. (me and son had taken off for spring break, LOL, but back to books MOnday)


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Hi Dreamer. She's doing fine, just poked her head round the door and announced she's washing her hair tonight. She normally washes it in the bath but still can't lie right back in the bath and then sit up, so I guess I'll have to go and turn on the hot water booster (solar hot water, and she uses a lot of water when she washes her hair in the shower).

She's just been away overnight at boyfriend's house (his sister's 18th birthday) and is tired. She sees the surgeon at lunchtime tomorrow, she had to beg off work tomorrow so she could go to her appointment. She had a short shift on Thursday but was VERY tired and feeling faint by the time she finished.
Her navel has healed up and it's almost invisible. The other two tiny cuts - still visible (at least the one low on her belly is, the other will be hidden in pubic hair).

She says she's feeling not too bad, at last night's party she had her first alcohol since the operation which meant no pain killers. She was a frustrated at not being able to dance, although more alcohol helped (it WAS an 18th, she says - hmmm). Still, she's home now, and sober.

difficult child 3 has caught up a little more. Some of his subjects are still at the easy stage - his most recent German work (a week's worth for one subject) was to make a Black Forest cake, which we did over the weekend. He made the cake yesterday, and we decorated it today, taking photos to post in to his teacher. We're going to cut the cake tonight for dessert. mother in law is still in hospital, she wants us to save her a piece of cake. Her heart stopped during the night, but restarted itself, putting itself back into normal rhythm instead of the atrial flutter that's been plaguing her for days. She told us she woke to a nurse shaking her awake and asking her if she was alright. The nurse had been monitoring the heart machine, seen it flatline and rushed in. In the time it took the nurse to get there, her heart had re-set itself back to normal! I told easy child 2/difficult child 2 when she got home and her reply was, "Grandma's a freak!" said very proudly.

I'd better go, difficult child 3 has to do his reading for me tonight.

Thanks for asking. I hope you're enjoying your break.