Martie and Shelia, Expert Opinion?


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Martie and Shelia,

I recently had a neuropsychologist evaluation completed for my six year old son. In a nutshell, the psychologist concluded that he exhibits some characteristics of NLD, but does not present a prototypical NLD profile.

His FSIQ is 120 and his Perceptual Reasoning Composite Score is lower than his Verbal Comprehension Score (15 point difference). In your opinion, will this cause difficulty for him in the future?

I realize that the difference is "significant" but am not sure how it translates to the real world.

Lastly, the school he attends would like to test him for the gifted program next year. I realize he probably won't get in, but am curious if his scores will change. Do scores typically stay the same? I have not informed them of the private testing I conducted on my own as he has very few problems in school (only at home).

If this is not enough information, please let me know. Thanks in advance for any advice....


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My computer isn't allowing me to go to that link. Could you post where in the archieves that is? Like the forum name, page number, and post name? Thanks. Emily.