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    im so sick. this mastitis thing really ****ing sucks. last night i literally was too cold and exhausted to even get out of bed and feed my babies, my mum had to do it for me. im not producing enough milk and to be honest i havent been for a while - theyre never full after being fed, they always want to eat half an hour later even though theyll feed for over half an hour continuously sucking. i pushed myself too much, i shouldnt have kept trying to feed them, my nipples are so cracked now that i cry every time i try to feed them. all i wanted to do was breast feed and i cant even do that, ive had to change to formula. it sucks.
    anyway im going to the doctors today, my boobs are rocks and it feels like someone is stabbing my eyes
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    just because you can't breastfeed full time doesn't mean you should just give up. how old are your babies? if you don't have enough milk pump after they eat when you are empty. this will increase your milk supply and in the mean time supplement them with formula. it's normal for breast fed babies to want to feed again after a half hour, especially in the beginning and during growth spurts. for cracked nipples you can get cream that helps quickly.

    i never had mastitis but the doctor will know what to do about that. if it is a clogged duct then pumping and massaging or heat compress should help. i know they are not the same thing but people often confuse one for the other.
    you are young and caring for babies is hard. i was your age when i had my oldest and i struggled alot. the most difficult struggle was having to constantly prove to people that i could do it and that i knew what i was doing. i think that made me try extra hard to prove them wrong. good luck to you and try to get some sleep while the babies are sleeping even if it is during the day or you will be too tired to tend to them when they need you.
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    Nothing hurts worse-I remember even though it has been years. I had it with both my kids. I had 2 ten pound babies and they ate all the time. Breast fed babies often do. I too had trouble at first with milk but then it kicked in. The more the babies nurse, the more will be produced and the more releif your breast will feel (trust me on this-it is what cured the mastitis and a clogged duct). You must rest as much as possible as well. Let you nipples dry and use a cream-I used one called bag-balm (meant for cows, but worked for me!). I ended up nusing for 18 months for both kids. Even while I worked with the second. But I also know that for some moms it just is too much. Do not feel guilty! You love them and will do what you can do. Good luck at the doctors hun!
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    Her babies were just born in Dec! this is very new to her. did you say you are 16 Madi? Sweetie, you are doing fine. As long as you are with them and the one connecting to them, whatever you decide is ok. If you can push through it...that will be wonderful for them. If not, they will still be ok.
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    If it is mastitis, the best thing you can do for yourself is keep nursing as much/often as you can. It is not dangerous for the babies and it you will find relief soon.
    As time goes by, your nipples should get tougher and it won't hurt anymore. Usually, it takes about 1 month to really get the hang of it and get past the adjustment period.
    But sometimes, it is too much and that is ok to switch to formula!
    I breastfed my first too, but could not breasfeed Sweet Pea... I tried A LOT of different things to make it work, but it was just too much and no one was happy (I was in pain and so was she). I do not regret switching to formula.
    No matter what, make the decision for yourself and your babies. Don't let ANYONE guilt you into anything. What is right for one mother is not necessarly right for another.
    Good luck!
  7. hearts and roses

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    Google the La Leche League and you will find a wealth of information. Warm compresses, continue to nurse, drink plenty of water. Bag balm will help but clean your nipples before nursing again. Cocoa butter is also helpful. The warm compresses will help relieve some of the pain and that rock hard feeling. Instead of wearing a bra, wear a snug tank top and use cloth diapers in place of a bra so your greats can leak. Sometimes bras are too constricting and make the pain worse.

    Best of luck.
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    A nipple sheild will allow you to nurse while your nipples heal. I understand the pain I had mastitis with both of my kids. Resting is important, whenever I pushed too hard the infection would flare. I did stop nursing after 6 weeks with my first but managed ten months with my secondagainst Doctors orders to stop. ou ar enot afailure if you cannot nurse.
  9. Steely

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    As others have said - it is OK to give yourself a little break. I had a very hungry boy, and my body simply could not keep up with his appetite. I started giving him formula half of the time and kept breast feeding the other half - and that helped a lot. By 4 months I had to completely switch to formula because my body did not make enough milk - but you know what - the first 6 weeks is when they get most of the good stuff from Mom's milk, and the rest is gravy. So keep doing what you are doing, and you will be OK. I am impressed that you are 16 with twins, and trying to do all that you are doing. You rock as a MOM :)
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    You really are doing a great job. Doubting yourself is normal to a point, but don't let doubt stop you from following your instincts. in my opinion we moms have instincts to show us what is best for our babies/kids. Sometimes that goes against the doctors and/or our own parents, but there is a reason we have them.

    I am sorry you have mastitis. I remember how awful that was too! You cannot always nurse through it - I had to stop for a couple of weeks wehn I had it with Wiz because he got sick from it. Or that was the advice I was given 20 yrs ago (almost exactly 20 yrs as it iwas the week after xmas and he was just over a month old). The doctor finally just gave me antibiotics and told me to breastfeed because Wiz flat out REFUSED to have ANYTHING to do with a bottle. He still is that bull-headed, lol.

    I think it is amazing that you are working as hard as you are to breastfeed 2 babies. I know it is painful - with Wiz my milk came in as I was delivering him and it was NOT fun. If you cannot get things to work, don't just look the La Leche league up online - look up their local contact information and call them for help. They WILL come and help you and from what I remember it is FREE help. You can also get nursing help from the insurance/medicaid helpline. They usually will send someone to you and it doesn't cost YOU. This is because it is a wellness issue for mom and for babies, and a good start isn't always easy or instinctual or natural.

    Heck, I had FITS nursing my daughter and it was quite a shock because I had no problems nursing her older brother. I started formula at 4 WEEKS in addition to nursing because she nursed almost constantly. By 6 weeks she wanted 10 ounces at a time from a bottle. Most babies are at maybe 4 oz at that age. The docs said it was just what she needed and if it was too much she would have spit it up. But I am still very close to her, closer than to either of my boys.

    Reach out to the doctor and to the La Leche League for help. Steely is right - you ROCK as a Mom!