Me again!!! Well, lets talk about dreams too today :P,plus new request Neuroligst

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    Ok well, last week I drempt my ex and his fife were standing in my kitchen and guess who showed up IN my house today? My EX!!! No wife tho. So that was a shock!!! I should pay attn 2 my dreams cuz they most time came true. Daughter refused to go to dinner and son went with. they were gonna spend the night if he supposedly didnt have to leave early but all sudden he said he had to go early. So anyway, of course my house is not in shape and he made his comments as well as our kids esp our son wouldnt act this way with him. He said I asked too many questions so he lied about marriage but I kinda have the rite to know whos gonna be around and the issues on his side w past friends/ chics. Plus in court agreement. Did I mention he ran off the love of my life because of his skin color? A true man my ex was- so different from my kids father- yes pitty party over here.

    So.. got a call that all sudden the office wants a copy of my sons birth certificate, social security card and a New referral!!! Really? I have no time to get social sercurtiy in mail in time by tues the card got ruines and I have to get another. Ref last for 6 months and 6 visits but yet the need a new one? What the? Googleviews on this Dr not good- Im getting run around because why? They have my sons social #.. whats up w this? New Dr time?

    He also says our son will grow out of it he be fine.. its all my fault if any issues cuz my mom had a mental issue but none his family.. :(