Me too...crying, can't walk.

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    This is so dumb I can't even believe this. I'm purple all over, Friday I went to a casino, we had 2 free nights. My husband is a carpenter and parks his truck in the casino parking garage using the players card to get free parking, they send him free nights on occasion) This was going to be a little date thing. My 17 year old easy child can get himself to school and we planned this for a month. The first night we went after work and went to bed and the next day husband went to work and I stayed by the indoor pool with my book (heaven) I took a personal day on Friday.
    I went ouside, it was cold and windy but felt good.. I wore my bathing suit. i was there for 3 hours with out sunscreen.I know how dumb this was, but it was cloudy. When husband came back to the room I was purple and very sick, we went to CVS Minute Clinic it was Friday at 6pm. Forget any vacation thing...we left. They said at Minute Clinic, there was nothing I could do. I am much worse then yesterday, today is Sunday, I can't walk at all my legs feel like I don't have skin, I feel like my legs are bleeding. I have to take a sick day tomorrow, I fel like I should be in a feaking burn unit. My face is so swollen and purple, I am scared and feel like I should go to the ER but since it's been 2 days, what could they do? The pain is just making me cry. HD any advice? I put this all natural shea butter, emulsified on my skin...the aloe stuff from CVS was yucky and didn't work either. I am a very fair skined person. I had red fell outfrom chemo and grew back dark though my skin is still so, so fair. Any advice anyone? I have been drinking wine also thinking this would doesn't
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    Do *not* drink wine!! The alcohol will further dehydrate you. been there done that, severe burn plus alcohol intake afterwards - thought I was going to die.

    I got burned on a Sat, went to a walk-in clinic on Monday - severe sun poisoning but I don't recall if they did anything for me. I think I got a cream, but ended up peeling like a lizard for weeks - to the point even of scabs forming on my back. It was awful.

    Personally, with the facial swelling, I'd go to ER to get checked out again. It sounds like you really got a whopper of a burn, and I'd worry about how your fluid status is at this point. At the very least, they may be able to give you something for the pain. Are you blistering yet? That would be another added worry re: fluid status.

    Hope you feel better soon.
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    Try a cool bath with vinegar---sounds weird I know, but it may help take the heat out.
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    No I don't have blisters yet, I'll try the bath.. Ok here I go. I remember my easy child had a burn on his hands when he was 2, and the ER gave him a prescription cream...I think I need that and may go later if this bath doen't help. I wasn't this bad yesterday and went to difficult child's footbal game and I had to sit in the car, but the pain wasn't anywhere near as bad as today.
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    You poor girl ! I had sun poison all over my face and shoulders my senior year of highschool. It was so bad my face was distorted and I had to wear sunglasses. Fortunately, it blistered and seeped alittle and then dried up and the swelling went down.

    I hope you feel better soon. Cool compresses, lots of fluids should speed things along.
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    Ok....from a southern person who is very fair skinned so I have had plenty of sunburns....vinegar does sour cream...yeah...smells like we are making a salad but it does I have also soaked in very cool water with tea bags or oatmeal. Personally, I think you need to see a doctor because it sounds like you have a bad burn. Dont put anything with a petroleum base on you, it will seal in the heat. Aloe is okay especially if you cool it in the fridge and if it has lidocaine in it. I keep that in the house in the summer.
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    I personally would go to the ER or DR.

    When I was 16 I went skiing and refused to put sun screen on (being the punky teen I was). I ended up getting 2nd and third degree burns all over my face. My whole face scabbed over, and I was unable to move my mouth. There were these huge puss filled blisters 2" in diameter. It was HORRIBLE and so unbelievably painful. I did go to the Dr but don't remember what they did. However in your situation, with it all over half your body you could be in a real crisis. Third degree burns can occur from fire or sun - and it is serious. Go to the Dr ASAP.

    Boy our whole board team is ailing - hugs to ALL.
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    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooooooo!

    That is so painful just to READ!

    Do not drink alcohol. You want water, water, water.

    Cool sheets. Vinegar. If it is really bad, you may need antibiotics.
  9. Shari

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    I dont have any additional advice, just hoping you feel better.
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    If you don't feel better asap...............Go to the ER. Sun poisoning is really not something to mess with. And from what you're describing.......I'd say a trip to the ER or Urgent Care is needed.

    Had a friend's son end up in hospital due to sun poisoning, deathly ill.

    Hope you feel better soon. ((hugs))
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    I hope you feel better. Agree you need to drink plenty of water and see Dr!
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    Go to the ER if you haven't. The clinic was WRONG. You should be evaluated for sun poisoning ASAP and there is a cream they can prescribe that will help a TON. If you don't go this route, go to Walmart and look in the first aid section by the pharmacy for a bottle of burn jel plus. It is a lotion with lidocaine and tea trea oil and it is magic. Slather it on thickly and let it soak in. I am not kidding - this is miracle stuff.

    I am so sorry, I know what you are going through. You will problem need 2 bottles of the burn jel plus - about $5 each I think.

    (((((gentle air hugs)))))
  13. Star*

    Star* call 911

    UAN -


    There is a chance that if you are on -antidepressants, birthcontrol and sat in direct sun without any sunscreen and you are fair skinned? You burned yourself There are a lot of BC and AD's that state you can not or should not risk exposure to direct sunlight. Also other medications. perhaps you are on one, or none. Just being fair skinned without sun screen will burn you. (possibly 2nd degree burns. If you do not get immediate medical attention this will get infected.

    You need to REHYDRATE and get electrolites into your system - NOW. This would be Gatorade 1/2'd. Like a bottle of gatorade poured into a glass 1/2 way with 1/2 water. DO NOT DRINK FULL STRENGTH. OR if you can stomach it - PEDIALITE.

    Also if you can deal with it - but I doubt it - cool/tepid water bath - with baking soda - use about a 1/4 cup - and sponge on skin. Air dry.

    After that? Get to the ER - YOU will probably need STEROIDS to reduce the swelling. AND possibly a topical for your face and arms (areas exposed) and possibly IV fluids.


    ( I am a former burn patient) NOT KIDDING. Spent almost a year in a burn unit - You can get secondary infections in your skin and loose it. The skin is the largest organ in your body - you loose that and you are going to be in a world of hurt and that's not just a saying. This will not HEAL itself.

    I'll hug you when you are out.
  14. KTMom91

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    Sending air hugs, UAN. Get to the ER.
  15. Marguerite

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    You mentioned you lost your hair from chemo some time ago - how long ago? And did you have any radiation treatment as well? Because for the next couple of years at least, you need to avoid sunburn on the irradiated area.

    Get back to the doctor. This is serious. But in the meantime, if you can find that gel made from ti-tree (aka melaleuca) it really will help. Also useful - cold chamomile tea, in a spray bottle. But I would avoid alcohol, avoid any more sun, avoid putting anything greasy on your skin and certainly avoid anything petroleum/mineral based. How are your eyes? I often find that if I have been out in the sun enough to get burned, my eyeballs have also been burned and feel very dry and sore.

    It is really, really dangerous to get this badly burned. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, including dehydration to begin with. To wash - tepid baths, put some bicarb soda in them and some oatmeal (in a stocking or similar). Rosewater is good too. Avoid anything with alcohol on your skin, too, if you can.

    I make up a spray bottle for summer use and also used it on my radiation burn when I had radiotherapy for breast cancer - the spray has cold chamomile tea and a few drops of ti-tree oil. I also (separately) get some fresh aloe vera leaf and carefully cut the gel out of it. Do not leave any colour in it at all. Apply the fresh clear gel to your burn. Add a spray from the bottle to help lubricate it.

    But chances are - you are going to be too sore to apply much of anything, and if you ARE that sore - see a doctor.

    I had a co-worker who got badly sunburnt. She also had lupus, should not have been out in the sun. She saw the GP who prescribed a cream for her (it contained picric acid - yellow stuff) but she was in so much pain that we couldn't put the cream on without her crying from the pain. The boss was also a doctor and took one look at her, then sent her off to the hospital.

  16. lovemysons

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    I am so sorry to hear of the pain you are in. I am very fair-skinned too and have been burned badly as well. I hope you get some relief soon... And I agree with others who suggest you see the Dr.

    Thinking of you,
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    Gosh I hope you find relief soon, this sounds horrible!!! I have had various sun burns over the year, but only once to a level I was wanting to be hospitalized. I can't count the layers and layers of skin I lost. I was a sight I tell you for well over a month or so. The first 2 weeks were so bad I was unable to dress, let alone go to work. I do remember that one day I had put on a robe and gone to check the mail and an elderly neighbor saw me (she was aghast!). She chimed on about tea (ala. Marg's fantastic suggestion) and I went inside quickly, desperate to try anything at all. I soaked in a tepid bathtub filled with water mixed with many tea bags and used a cloth to squish the water over my shoulders and back and face etc. I can say it helped for a time to a huge degree, such relief! I took many baths like this and do recommend it, not as a solution but as a temporary relief from the awful burning. I do think it is wise to get checked by a doctor though, especially given your history of medical treatments. Gentle hugs sent your way. It hurts to even picture you laying there in that condition. Get well quickly!!!!
  18. TerryJ2

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    Have you seen a dr yet?
    How are you doing today?
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    I have an appointment at 3pm today. That's when the dr arrives. I'll be there at 2:30. I woke up this morning so swollen, I can't even see my ankles I'll let you know what happens. I want to go to the er but not sure if they would take this seriously. Thank you so much for your advice.
  20. 1905

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    Ok, I just went to Urgent Care and they gave me a presription for Prednisone and a cream. And a note for work.