Medicaid for Pregnant Daughter


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I haven't updated in awhile, but just found out Youngest is pregnant. She has no job. She is still covered generally on my medical insurance, however, my policy states it does NOT cover maternity services for dependents. She's going to apply for anything she can get, but from what I'm reading, she may be ineligible for many programs because of my income (she is still at home). She's 18, will be 19 when the baby is born. She's going to fill out the paperwork anyway, but now I'm quite nervous. Even the state's program for uninsured pregnant women and children, is based on household income.

The baby's father works for the state, and is checking his policy. I know the baby can get coverage through him once he/she is born, but I'm not sure our state is progressive enough to offer coverage for pregnant girlfriends of its employees. They do not plan to get married (and I am NOT encouraging them to, long story there).

Suggestions? Advice? What do I have to do, kick her out for her to get services??!!



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Oh Mercy,
I am so sorry to hear of your troubles!!
The Medicaid system is very strick... especially if you are middle class or higher..
They do go on household income.... BUT you can write a letter stating that your daughter
is responsible for taking care of herself... i/e buys her own meals, pays her own dr bills..
etc.... a good "case worker" will take that an run with it ........ she is 18 now so you can say
that housing is all you provide for her.......
That should also put her in good standing to start on WIC.... if you are not familiar with this
program pm me and I will give you more information... but I HIGHLY suggest she gets WIC...
Gentle hugs to you!!
And I hope all comes out ok!!


First of all, since she's refusing medications and therapy I'm assuming she won't admit that she has any issues. If that's the case then SSI application is pointless. But if she will admit that she has issues SHE can apply for SSI (with your help). There are certain conditions under which SSI will expedite an application. Others under which they'll pay immediately even though it's not yet approved (though I don't think pregnancy falls into this category). But the cash isn't the point. The point is Medicaid which comes with the SSI approval.

I know the living at home situation will generate questions. But some states have laws specifically referring to age 18 which preclude parental income from contributing to "family income". That doesn't mean they'll give her any housing assistance or food money. But it will keep your income from being her income for the income limitation purposes. Under SSI rules the terminology is "deemed income" which refers to your income which is considered her income for income limitation purposes. By definition that stops at age 18 under ss law. I believe the same applies for welfare in most states. You could try using the term "deemed income" in talking to these people. But in the end I think you'll find this isn't a problem for Medicaid purposes... while she's pregnant anyway.

Aside from Medicaid.. if that doesn't work out...there are many other programs for pregnant women. Most serve primarily illegal immigrants. But they do exist. The government is well aware that lack of pre-natal medical care, lack of nutrition, etc are a stong indicators of poor outcomes for babies. Since these babies will be US citizens qualifing for government services some years ago they decided to take the position that an ounce of prevention..... Thus the existence of WIC. You will find many other programs for pregnant women, at least for the term of the pregnancy.

If you really need to prove that she is independent for some later purpose... eg post partum medication bills.... set up accounts now. Have her deposit any money she has into her account and have her spend it paying rent and utilities to you. Have records that show that she has her own income and expenses and doesn't take money from you. Her car must be in her name and on her own insurance, etc. Obviously if she has no income this will never work. But this is the way to avoid the "deemed income" problem.


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I also happen to know from working in Medicaid that the income limits for Medicaid for Pregnant Women are quite high. With your dtr being 18, she would be considered an adult, I believe she could be considered her on household. I know she cant for food stamps but I believe she can for medicaid. I know once the baby is born she can.

I would have to spend a day or two reading the guidelines to refresh my memory on the federal regs but unless things have changed a whole lot since I last worked...there shouldnt be a whole lot of problem with her getting maternity care. If all else fails, she can always access hill burton funds at the local hospitals.


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Here in Ca my then 17 year old neice applied for medi-cal for prenatal care and qualified. She did not qualify for food stamp's or financial aid because she lived with her Mom but later on when she was 18 and after giving birth to her daughter she qualified for financial aid and the wick program. The wic program is a nutritional program that will give coupon's for free milk, Cheese. Healthy food's for Mom while the baby is breast feeding and I think the baby qualify's until at least three year's old. Oh and the money that she did end up qualifying for eventually happened after Mom wrote a statement saying the she paid her x amount of $'s for rent. They did not really look at my sister's income. My neice to this day is working but I can't say if she receive's any money from the state or not but they do pay for most of the daycare for her daughter. Your daughter at 18 I would think would be able to qualify for prenatal care. I know every state is different, But hey all they can say is no.


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when i was pregnant with my difficult child, i went on medicaid, and i was considered an adult seeing as when i turned 18 i was considered independent. (my step-mom never officially adopted us, because she knew that would help us in the long run with- financial aid at college). my now husband and i had been together 2 years already and wer planning on being married, but weren't yet, so they only counted my income...which was minimal....but i did qualify for WIC which was yes, take advantage of that...

hope all works out :smile: