Medicaid has been "Approved"...finally


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Yeah, just picked up my voice mail, and Medicaid has been approved!!!!! :thumb:

Happy dance.... :princess:.....Happy dance.

It goes back to Jan07 when I applied. I asked why it's not going back to Jan06, when I first applied. Something cuz I didn't appeal that date. Anyway, I'm going to call and ask if the stuff I've paid out of pocket since Jan07 will be reimbursed back to me. Do any of you know?

Another "good" thing this week, that makes two. So maybe we'll get a third. :smile:


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MY experience3 was that ours did go back and pay things we had not yet paid for, but here by me it was much more complicated to get reimbursed for things we had already paid for.
I have a feeling it MIGHT be a state by state issue.

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I'm glad you have been approved for the medicaid! I'm sure it is a huge relief!! I know even though we have great insurance it is good we have the medicaid back up for difficult child.


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my experience...they paid for unpaid expenses. Fortunately for us the PHDoc waited for payment. Not the pharmacy or the therapist. So we were never re-imbursed for those expenses.

But I am happy that you are covered now.

FYI-it has to be renewed every 6 months here (TX). not sure if that is mandated by each state. This is how we had a lapse in coverage. Mom was on medicaid and we did not receive the renewal papers at our house and had no clue about any of it.


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I think it is done on a state by state basis, but here in IL, if they backdate you, then you are supposed to send them copies of all the bills you have not yet paid since the "effective date" and then in a separate request, you must supply them the bills and your receipts for the ones you HAVE paid, and they will reimbuse you. But beware, if you don't have a receipt or a credit card statement or bank statement with the charges on them, they will not reimburse! Check with your local office to see if that is the case in your state, or you should be able to find that information on your state's gov website under medicaid. I could try to help you look on the website, if you don't mind sharing what state you are in????
Thanks for sharing good news with us!!! I'm so happy :smile: Medicaid was approved!!! Sorry I can't help you with Medicaid questions but I'm sure others will be able to... :flower: WFEN


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Spoke to my case worker again. She explained that they'll cover bills that are not paid. The ones I have already paid, they won't reimburse me for them. I'm still going to do more researching just in case she's wrong. But this small item is not so important than having all the other unpaid bills covered. Thanks for the help.