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Just wondering...........I realize that concerta is dosed according to weight, but difficult child has been doing so well on it for a long time. We did at one point try to up the dose a little bit, but found that it made her more aggressive, so we put her back on 36 mg. The last few weeks, we have been seeing alot of her old behaviors starting to surface again. I'm really leery of upping the dosage again because of what happened last time. The school seems to think that maybe she has hit a plateau on her medications. Is this something that happens on concerta? We first tried her on strattera, but she could only tolerate the lowest dose on that as well. difficult child says she tries to be good, but she can't do it most of the time. It feels like we're back to square one again. Any suggestions? :warrior:


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I can only tell you my son's experience. We also noticed some of his impulsivity and hyperactivity coming back into play after having been on the same dose of concerta for over a year. When he was increased from 18 to 27, the aggression went through the roof and we ended up putting him on adderall - which he has been on successfully for about 3.5 years now. Again, this was just our experience, but the adderall goes up in 5 mg doses which gives us a little more "wiggle room".

Hope things settle and you find what works for her.



Concerta is NOT dosed by weight. It is dosed by clinical response. You might have to try a higher dose to see if it addresses the behaviors you're now seeing. Kids do seem to need a higher dose after they've been on the medication for a while.


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My difficult child takes 72 mgs of Concerta every morning, don't really know where we are going to go from there, she is 13 and weighs 115lbs.