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I'm getting so tired of difficult child hitting my or husband's hand when it's time to take his medications and he doesn't want to take them. They go flying everywhere and are hard to find. :mad: He has done it about 3 times in the last couple of days. Today I took away two of his favorite toys so hopefully that will curb it. Interestingly enough he didn't argue the consequence. You would think by now that he would get he has to take them no matter what! I know many of you deal with medication refusal. Do you also deal with them being sent flying across the room? If so, how do you handle it?


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Are you taking back your previous post now??? JK

I would knock something he likes out of his hand, like a treat!!! When he goes for a bite knock it out of his hand!!! I am totally kidding but wouldn't it be funny payback if you did that?
I have a great mental picture right now!
I am sorry I have nothing to offer K loves taking her medications! So far...
Good luck.


Sharon, we don't have the problem with medications flying across the room, but we sometimes face the "I'm not taking them" from difficult child 1. Instead of a consequence, I ask him what would make it easier for him to take them. Sometimes he comes up with something he wants to do before he takes them, sometimes it's a "candy chaser" following his medications, sometimes he wants me to do something before he takes them. I try to engage his cooperation in the process because I know he's going to have to take these medications for years.

At a quiet time apart from the time he actually takes his medications, you might want to ask difficult child why he's sending his medications flying across the room. Depending on his answer, you might want to ask him if he can think of a better way to handle it.

Good luck.


totoro - that would be funny ! :rofl: I could just see difficult child's face if I knocked his ice-cream cone out of his hand. :rofl:

We have refusal, only he pretends to take them. puts them in his mouth, takes the water. I walk away, or husband walks away. difficult child is not very creative. He takes them out and just sets them down. I find them stuck to the desk or table or something.

So, now we have him open his mouth and we check. Doesn't make too much of a fuss. He has such anxiety issues, won't take medicine unless I call the doctor and "make sure" it is ok. He knows that he cannot just STOP taking his medicine that he has to go off slowly. So, I don't know what he is thinking when he spits them out and hides them.

You made me laugh. When the ice cream truck comes by...I am going to have to try that. Just to see his face. :rofl:

Of course I will have to get him another....unless he deserves it.
Have you tried putting them in a little cup, and after he takes them, give him a treat of some sort or a note promising a cool "date" with mom or dad? I know that would be tedious, but hey, once he gets into the habit of taking the medications you are offering him, he might not need anything more than a hug or a Way To Go!

Or, have you tried the Love and Logic way of "You can take them now or in 5 minutes, your choice" approach? That does work with Aly if she is not already in meltdown mode.

Hugs, hope he stops sending his medications for a ride soon!



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Hopefully you have no pets around that might find them on the floor!

I had medication refusal, but it was the after I walked away routine. She would put them under her bed. Imagine my surprise.


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My difficult child's trick is to put the pills in his mouth, but then spit them into the cup of water instead of drinking it to wash them down. One of these days I'm just going to wait for the pills to dissolve them make him drink the blasted water anyway.


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I would knock something he likes out of his hand, like a treat!!! When he goes for a bite knock it out of his hand!!! I am totally kidding but wouldn't it be funny payback if you did that?

:rofl: Totally the thought that ran through my mind that I had to leave this post because I had nothing constructive to offer! LOL

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Thanks for the ideas-I really appreciate them. It's just weird because he knows he has no choice and most often doesn't fight it. Every once in a while he gets into this mode.

SW-good idea about asking why he is doing it.

Vickie-good idea.


Busywend-That's one thing I'm worried about-we do have a dog. Usually we can find the medications but there have been three pills we couldn't find.


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My grandson is really, really good at making me think he takes his medications. I mean, I can watch him put them in his mouth, I swear they are in there, but find them the next day under the bed or under a pillow or thrown across the room. I've even had them thrown at me.

Here's a trick that they told me to try. I get a tablespoon of applesauce and put the pill in it. Then, I check his mouth, all around, cause he can still hide it. But, I put the pill in the applesauce, not him. I don't let him handle it cause he's a magician with it. MIght give it a try. Plus, my grandson has a phobia about swallowing "big" pills. The applesauce makes it go down real smooth. You can also use pudding, but the applesauce seems to work the best. Good luck and keep ducking. :warrior:

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Sorry I missed this yesterday - yup, kt's pills can go flying all over the place. It has settled to a dull roar since I started using pill cups & her favorite raspberry/apple juice to down her medications.

I know that scramble on the floor - especially for the federally regulated stims - man, you lose one & you're down for the day, so to speak.

Hoping things with difficult child are calmer today.