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    I met with the principal yesterday morning. I brought DF as a backup but not sure he helped at all. Mr. S clearly was out for bear...didn't shake hands or exchange a single pleasantry. It was like we were wasting his time. The superintendent of schools Mr. L and Ipad Special Assignment Administrator Mrs. I were there as well.

    Mr. S produced 4 or 5 affadavits from other students detailing how difficult child had been abusing his ipad before first hour class in the mornings. Basically tossing it across the room to prove how indestructible the military-style case was. Supposedly he did not care if he broke it because "my mom paid for insurance." At the time the ipad actually cracked he was NOT doing this, but because of the proven instances of abuse he has violated the agreement signed and is subject to criminal prosecurity, suspension, or expulsion. He is getting a 3 day OSS suspension. I asked for an appointment to talk about getting an IEP/504 and Mr S told me he would have their Special Education person contact me to set something up.

    I asked if there were any teacher corroborations. Mrs. I looked at me and scathingly said "He isn't going to do it in front of a teacher." We are liable for the cost of the ipad. I explained DF is out of work since Feb. and was told we could arrange a payment plan. I then asked about him not getting another ipad and Mr L told me it was not possible for him to proceed through the curriculum without one, although students that have temporarily lost theirs (due to rules violations or forgetting it at home) are able to print out their work in the library. I said I wanted him supervised with one then and they basically all rolled their eyes at me and said it wasn't possible to carry the ipad from classroom to classroom for him.

    All in all, the meeting gave me chills. There was not one hint of compassion in the room even when I explained difficult child's special needs. Mrs I is the mother of one of difficult child's classmates, so I hope she keeps this confidential. And to top it all off, I feel so guilty. I should have pursued the IEP/504 sooner...I just wanted difficult child to have a new start and something resembling a normal life at school. I think I have to come to terms with the fact that he won't.

    I haven't heard from the Special Education person yet, either.
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    You need to send a registered letter to your director of pupil services requesting an evaluation. This starts a legal timeline in which they have to respond and complete that evaluation that will determine if he qualifies for an IEP or 504. I would not count on the principal to move forward on their own especially regarding the reception you received.
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    Jal, I've spent the past hour trying to find out who that is! We are in a very small school district. It was clear to me he would have preferred to expel difficult child.
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    If you can't find the right person... contact your trustee, or the superintendent.
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    Does your school have a website? If so, there should be a link to the administration such as the Superintendent, Board of Ed, etc. You should find it there.
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    I would flat out tell them you will not be responsible for another ipad and that they will need to print out assignments or figure some alternate way to educate him or find another school that can. I would also ask to record all meetings.

    Send the request for evaluation to the district address attention special education services. Send it certified with return receipt.

    Good luck!
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    speaking as a total tech-head here... any school that insists that ALL school work be done on an ipad is... totally insane.

    In the real world - even in the real TECH world - we still use every single medium out there. Pen and paper, white board, erasable overhead projector slides, computer, tablet, phone... and a few nobody else has heard of. The "one technology only" approach is only good for the computer VENDOR.
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    I would refuse to have them force my child to use a piece of equipment that costs several hundred dollars. His ability to be educated does not have anything to do with his ability to use an iPad.

    If they give him another one I would return it to the front desk and refuse it. They can not force you to be financially responsible for a piece of equipment your child has proven he is not able to be responsible for. I would show up at every school board meeting and make that point. There are too many people out there who can't afford to pay for an iPad simply because the school no longer wants to deal with paper.
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    The school is driving this issue and you need to take control, now!... you can do it and fellow Warrior parents here can help. Remember this key idea... knowledge is power!

    First, I would run, don't walk to your local library and/or local college library and get your hands on as many books about special education you can, then read, read and read some more. Then jump on the web and check out and read thru the web site. Also, be sure to check your school district's web site and your state education department's web site for more information about special education.

    Also, there is a lot of information on ADHD web sites about special education, and that can be another area to research for specific ADHD information... like this web page...

    You will be very shocked and surprised at the rights you and your child have... you have a lot more rights than you know! The school is counting on the fact that you don't know your rights and frankly they will not, and do not, tell you your rights and/or the procedures.

    As with other posters, I strongly suggest you write a letter to the district office and cc the school requesting your child received a "full and complete educational evaluation". The books and the Wrights Law web site can help with letter content. And, as other have mentioned, sent it certified mail or Fed Ex or even hand deliver (with your copy stamped received). This is step one in a very long and complicated process!

    If you can get a letter from your child's doctor documenting the ADHD diagnosis, I would write another letter, to include the diagnosis documentation, requesting a 504 plan; as his ADHD "substantially limits his ability to learn" (and yes, use this exact sentence). Also, ask the 504 plan be written within the next 10 school days. This will help, to have a plan in place during the testing/IEP process. Your child has rights under ADA (the American with Disabilities Act), but you have to know what they are!

    Been there, done that, so I Hope this information empowers your to help your child be successful.
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    The Special Education lady did contact me and said the soonest she could set up a meeting would be 11/11. She tried to tell me since his grades were good, he would not qualify for services. I threw the OHI and ED out there and she said maybe ED. I said I wanted a FBA done and she said, yes, that would be part of it, along with teacher checklists. I offered to send them a copy of difficult child's neuropsychologist report and she told me to bring it along. I hope I represented myself as someone that knows a little of difficult child's rights. At the meeting will be all his teachers which is probably why it can't be scheduled till Nov. I guess that will be the request for evaluation? Should I write a letter anyway? I want to establish myself as being cooperative with the school.

    So I can get a 504 plan while waiting for an IEP?
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    Most schools are notorious for only giving as much as they HAVE to. The letter means they HAVE to...