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so here we go again.... Since September it's been (in addition to Lithium) Wellbutrin - didn't work, Concerta - didn't work and took away appetite, Seroquel - made him aggressive (but stopped the bedwetting), Adderal - put him on hyper warp speed, did nothing positive (bedwetting back again), and now its Metadate (20mg). Wow! and I think it may be even be working. He has been going for an educational evaluation and the pych said he was a different child last week on this drug. I am looking for others experinces using Metadate. All these drugs can be so scary and Metadate does not seem to be a more common ones (I know it is a derivitive of Ritalin, but I don't know anyone whose kids are even on Ritalin). Thanks!


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Dylan had tried Metadate because at the time he couldn't swallow the Concerta tabs, and the Metadate could be sprinkled. It was a nice feature.

Didn't work for him, but he's Bipolar. But yeah, same thing as the other stims, Ritalin, Concerta, etc.

psychiatrist and I discussed adding a stimulant again just tonight. I wanted to remove the antipsychotic (Abilify) but he refused. If we do a stimulant, with the BiPolar (BP), he is insisting he keep the mood stabilizer (Lithium) and Abilify in place, or it's a no go.

Glad it's working.


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My difficult child used Metadate for a short while. It helped at first but he really can't tolerate any stims with his bipolar.

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Methylphenidate is sold under the brand names Concerta, Ritalin, Ritalin SR, Riphenidate, Metadate and the patch Daytrana. They are all the same active ingredient -- methylphenidate -- with different delivery systems.