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  1. Hound dog

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    For some odd reason they are bad this year. I went up to start big cleaning my bedroom and get the tree out of the attic...........and lil mouse turds everywhere. Gross!!!!:mad::surprise:

    Bruce stinks at being a mouser. I wouldn't be surprised if he's made friends with the lil buggers.

    Ok. So traps aren't doing the trick. The situation is getting out of control. And even Nichole is thinking Decon. Now I don't like decon, but the stuff works. Still, I'm worried about Bruce. My luck would be that I'd use it and he'd suddenly decide to mouse and get himself poisoned. I've asked easy child if she'd keep him for a time, just til I get rid of the mice. No go. She has 2 males who don't like strange cats and would fight.

    So? What am I to do. I can't have mice running rampant thru the house. The traps aren't doing their job, or at least not well enough. We have two barns out back beyond our yard.......you'd think the darn things would go there.......but noooooo, it's gotta be my darn house.:mad:

    Now if I have to resort to decon (I'm really trying to avoid it, that's how Shadow died, a neighbor did it) how on earth can I make sure that Bruce doesn't get a tainted mouse?

    Any other solutions? These guys are cute. Just NOT in my house!!!! No live traps, no dropping them off. Just like bugs, you're foolish enough to come inside and you're gonna die. I don't need them finding their way back.:faint:

    Nichole's trying to get me to get a cat who is a mouser. Nope. Bruce was supposed to fill that role and it didn't happen.

  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Butter on a standard mousetrap works wonders. I was advised this by a man from the gas company who came to inspect my furnace one year. He said he worked on a dairy farm for years and that was what they used. Worked every time. I used to use peanut butter and wouldn't always catch the critters. When I switched to butter, I was guaranteed a mouse every time. Of course, now that we have Harley, we NEVER have mice for more than a day :D
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    Lisa, you may recall that I recently went through mice he// at my house. We caught something like 42 mice but now we're certain that at least half of them were likely the very same mice!!

    We bought, from Walmart very cheap, little plastic traps wherein you place a small peice of cracker with peanut butter on it and then smear a bit on the door that swings in but not out. Then, when you trap a mouse, do not let it go within 1 mile of your home. Bring it far far away.

    We were letting them loose down the street and still trapping mice. I was horrified to think that we had that many living with us. Then, we started dropping them far away in fields and at local farms (at night, in the dark) and that's when the collection declined. We have had the traps set up for weeks now and gotten nothing. My defenses went down and I wasn't checking the traps as often. The other night I leaned in to grab a bowl from under the cabinet and saw a shadow in one of the traps. Sure enough, there was a dead mouse. He could have been in there for DAYS, but not likely - they only last about 1 day without food and water and air inside the traps.

    Anyway, long story short, the traps are decent. They work. I am going to buy new ones tonight because ours smell like death now and I don't want them in my house. I hesitate to put down poison and I don't like the idea of throwing away a live mouse stuck to those sticky pads. Good luck!
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    Works just like Decon -- the moisture in the belly expands the Jello and ultimately explodes the mouse. And, just like Decon you have dead mice in the house and between the walls to smell up the place. But Jello is non-toxic, won't hurt pets and does work. I'd use it and traps.

    Good luck!
  5. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Hmmm. Butter, huh? Wonder why they like butter better?? And Jello? Ok. Now I'm going to assume you use the jello in the powder form, right? And where do I find these one way door traps and are they expensive? Thinking they'll also come in handy when the population is gone and I want to have traps set up just in case and I can let one free if it comes inside.

    Like I said, I don't like decon, but the stuff works. I'd rather not use it or have it in the house due to the pets and Aubrey. But if the mice are any indication.......this is gonna be a bad winter. blah!

  6. susiestar

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    Go ALL around the house, even under it, and shove very fine steel wool into ANY little crack or crevice. The mice can't get through it. It is esp important to go around any pipes that come into the house and around the wires that come in. Also check the windows.

    I am sorry you have this problem. I can remember when Freckles was angry with us for moving her into a house with 2 BOY cats. She actually ADOPTED a whole litter of mice - wouldn't let any of us near them. And she was a great mouser before and after.

    It was her protest, LOL!! I remember many of you (Star!) laughing at me about it. It really would have been funny but it was in my BEDROOM!

    Good Luck.

    Also, a cat that lives outside and is somewhat feral may help keep the mouse population down. My aunt can't have indoor cats, but has always had outdoor ones and has had few mice problems. They keep the rest of the property free of the little rodents!
  7. donna723

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    I have a whole little herd of outside cats and I think what they did is to barricade the mice inside the house - they were afraid to leave! The mice have been worse this year than ever! They were absolutely everywhere! So the dogs and I declared war on them and I haven't seen one in about two weeks!

    The little buggers were running along my counter tops and across the floors and I could hear them in the ceilings. I bought the sticky traps ... and yes, I know they're 'cruel', but it was to the point that it was them or me! The ones with sticky stuff in a plastic tray don't work as well. They just go around them. I got the ones that are like a 3x5 sheet of heavy paper covered with sticky stuff and put them all along the counter and anywhere else where the dogs couldn't get to them. I'd put a tiny bit of food right in the center to tempt them. And the next is the hard part - we starved them out, but it's hard to do with kids around! Not the slightest little crumb they could get a hold of! Not one dish in the sink with the tiniest speck of food on it, not even a morsel on the counter or floor anywhere, and the trash can was put up on the washer - too high for them to get in to. The pet food was put in sealed containers and I stopped leaving dry food out for the dogs at night.

    When they got good and hungry they started getting reckless and if they ventured out, one of the dogs would get them! And when they were absolutely starving, we played dirty! I would put some dry dog food in the dog bowl and then put the bowl right in the middle of the kitchen floor. The dogs would station themselves several feet from the bowl and just patiently and quietly watch ... and pretty soon a mouse would venture out from under the 'fridge or the cabinets and head for the bowl, and the dogs would pounce on it and it would be 'goodbye mouse'! The girls got really good at it. They were as good as dead if Ragan saw them, but sometimes Katy would fall asleep sitting up waiting for one to show itself!

    I would not, under any circumstances, use decon or any other poison if you have pets (and kids!) in the house! It doesn't kill them right away and the mice can scatter it to where the pets can get it. Or the mice eat the poison and then the dog or the cat catches the mouse and has it in their mouth!
  8. Ropefree

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    I like rat zappers...electric, fast death and dump them out. I see no rational for
    moving a rodent that breeds and follows the same trail generation after generation
    anywhere but the here after. Kill well with a broom. Get them out of the stove by turning all burners and the oven and broiler on and swat on exit.
    I have use plenty of rat poison and no problems with animals or kids. After the poison is ingested the poisoned is thirsty, drinks anything and the chemical does its thing. If you see one there are at least thirty. Keep laying out poison away from the house (they will come in to feed otherwise) and in no time the scurry and the eeking and the nonscence is abated. Until next time.