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    Bruce is becoming quite the mouser. A good thing. I dunno if these electric things we have in the walls are working or know I've got mice doing some weird stuff. lol The sealing food up is helping.....they're getting desperate enough to come out into the open.

    This evening:

    I'm sitting here checking online before going back to pcs for our coupon session. I hear squeak squeak. Think hmmmm. Hear it again after a few mins. Well now husband bought Betsy and Molly lil hedgehog toys that happen to sound a lot like a live mouse squeak when they play with them. So since molly was romping around the dining room I figured she was playing with her toy. Nice. Since feeding her 1 egg a wk and giving her meat drippings her fanny and tail have healed nicely. She seems to feel good and energetic for a change. So I think no more about it. Hear a few more squeaks.

    Then Molly starts crying and doing this little dance she does (yes Star, the girl thinks she's Lassie) that tells us hey come look at this, something is happening! I need you! husband figures she needs/wants to go out because he just put Betsy out a few mins before and Molly is all for playing with Betsy again, cries to join her outside everytime. He gets up to take her and she looks at him like he's stupid. lol

    So she comes to me. (mommy always figures out what she's saying) Does her dance, whines, wags the tail and tries to point with her nose. The expression on her face is urgent. (yes she has expressions I swear) I get up and ask her the usual question. What is it? Show Mommy.

    Again the dance and she heads right for the door to the upstairs. Now in 7 yrs Molly has not been allowed upstairs solely because I want her to guard the downstairs. She knows this and never attempts to go upstairs. So I know immediately something is up. I also know the stairs is a favorite route for mice to travel from the attic to the kitchen via the dining room. Molly is an excellent mouser if she's feeling well. So I give her the command to Get It! She does her sniffing and hunting mode.

    I laugh. I tell Bruce he better get with it, cuz Molly is doing his job again. Suddenly Bruce is all up ON IT! Springs out of nowhere..........snatches up the mouse Molly has flushed out. Smart person I am.......I send Molly into the living room and close the baby gate. I had commanded Molly to hunt/kill the mouse. Bruce got it instead. I didn't want trouble. Plus while the mouse was in his mouth he'd grabbed it at the abdomen. It wasn't dead. To kill it he'd have to release it.

    When he did........injured got away. Bruce was NOT happy. I let Molly out of the living room. Figured between the 2 of them it wouldn't be long for Mr Mouse. And went on to easy child's house.

    Seems while I was gone.........

    Somehow Bruce and Molly were going to go to war over the mouse. He was trying to pounce it again, Molly was hovering over it daring him to try it. Her mouse. lol Travis came upon this scene. They were at a stand off. Mouse was still alive. Travis said Molly was licking it.........hmm find that iffy as Molly kills mice, she does NOT like them. But to prevent war.......Travis snatched said mouse up by the tail and took it outside. Took Minnie 30 seconds to put it out of it's misery. Minnie hovers near the back door in case 1. we might decide to feed her more than once per day (as in tuna/chicken leftovers) or 2. Betsy is out in the yard or might come out to play with her.

    Odd. Sort of strange. But at least between the 3 of them there is one less mouse in the house.

    Our old Shadow was an excellent mouser. Molly never bothered her.......but then she usually dispatched one quickly. And once dead Molly had no interest.

    Molly has been mighty spry of late. Nice to see her acting much younger again.....and obviously happy. Bruce is going to have to realize he's not going to be able to play with his prey while she's inside or she's going to do the job for him. lol

    Bruce is up to about 5-6 mice now. Not bad for having just learned. And about time.

    And I just noticed he's hunting another one.........