Mid-West members? How are you doing?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Mom2oddson, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Mom2oddson

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    After watching the morning news, I was wondering if our family members in the mid-west are okay?

    Is everyone okay or are some of you having flooding problems? I know when we had our floods last fall, it was scary. The water was so high that husband & I weren't able to get home. It took five hours to make a 30 minute trip. The main route was flooded and the back roads were being washed away.

    We were high enough that we didn't flood, but sister in law lost everything on the first floor of her house.

    I hope you guys are all okay.
  2. SRL

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    We're good here at home but after our camping group was rained on in Indiana this same weekend for the past 4 years, we decided to head in another direction. I don't think we couldn't have even got to the campground this year.
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Didn't you have a canoe? - YOU WERE camping.
  4. Wiped Out

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    About 50 minutes north of us they really got hit-11 inches of rain in two days. An entire lake is drained because it forged a new channel into the Wisconsin River. The videos were something to see. Four house were swept away.

    About 20 minutes from here they are closing part of the interstate for a few days as a precautionary measure because they are expecting more flooding.

    We're fine here-over 6 inches of rain in two days-lots of flash flooding.

    I am crossing my fingers because we might have some major damage. Our bathroom lights went out on Sunday night. I'm worried rain might have leaked in from the roof? I sure hope not-it's not an expense we need right now. An electrician is coming tomorrow afternoon. Please keep your fingers crossed it is nothing major.
  5. 4sumrzn

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    Wiped Out...my thoughts & prayers are with you. I hope everything stays OK your way!!!!!!
  6. amazeofgrace

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    I am in NJ and the lights went out during my counseling session, it was weird talking to her via candlelight. On the way home it seemed something had touched down, because there were branches everywhere and the Starbucks must have been hit by lightening, because there were firetrucks all over, no after counseling decaf mocha for me tonight :O(

    The weather here is normally mild compared to other States, but we've had some rogue tornados touching down out of nor where
  7. MyFriendKita

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    Thank you for asking. The worst we've had to deal with is finding alternate routes to work, and no electricity for a day, so I'm not complaining. A week ago, a tornado touched down a block from where I work (it happened late in the evening, so I wasn't at work, thank goodness), but our building wasn't damaged. However, I had trouble getting to work the next day because the road through town was blocked at both ends for awhile.

    Then the flooding this past weekend damaged several houses in our town (again, we were lucky and had no damage), and in several other towns around us (including the town where I work--those poor people must feel cursed by now). It's been really sad to watch the news--almost no one had flood insurance, and several people have lost everything they had. I saw one woman on tv who did have flood insurance, but her insurance company told her if the damage is due to the rain, she won't be covered, and if it's due to the creek near her house, she will be covered. I'm not sure when your house floods how you determine where the specific water that damaged your house came from, but I guess that insurance company has figured it out.

    We're just hoping that's all Mother Nature has to throw at us for a while.
  8. Andy

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    I live in Northern MN. We had a storm come through this morning. easy child and a friend decided to take the friend's 7 month old baby and drive to a town an hour from here (on the freeway). I called easy child several times this morning to tell her to stay in town. Then we heard a semi truck (maybe two) was blown over in the wind on the interstate near town. Still she will not listen. I call husband, "Please call her and tell her to stay in town." His reply? "I don't care if she goes." (sounds like one for the You might be a man if .... thread).

    I called easy child back. She tells me they are not going - that they have already figured it out - they are not stupid like I am. I said, when did you figure it out, when you got to the freeway and were turned back? "No, dad told me - he is smarter than you are." (and who told dad???? He wouldn't of done this without being asked)

    Then, I get a call that easy child and friend and baby are going anyway - they heard the freeway closure did not effect them and that weather was just fine (for this second). We are suppose to get gusty winds off and on all day. Just plain STUPID!!!

    On the way home from work (12:30 pm), the traffic was horrific - I think EVERYONE was out and about - probably driving around surveying the damage (before the storms are over). There was an endless stream of vehicles coming into town and turning on a certain road and other roads had endless streams of traffic also - I am wondering if the East bound lane of freeway was closed and they were diverting traffic to town to the next freeway access?

    I want the girls to be safe, but I also almost hope that something happens to scare them enough to respect dangerous weather and know that if you can avoid disaster it is a good thing.