Mineral Oil- How long is safe?


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My GFG12b has had some problems with BMs and hsi doctor has put him on mineral oil indefinately. How long is safe to use mineral oil? She says to keep him on it every night until after January 19th when he sees his Paediatrician...She also said to start him on a daily multi-vitamin every morning and the mineral oil at night. I listen to her but still wonder how long is it safe to use mineral oil for as I know it is a laxative and the bowel can become dependent upon laxatives...is there a more natural way to do this? We have already tripled his fibre intake and changed his entire diet, as well as the rest of our diets. Any Ideas?
I'm sorry I don't know how long you can safely use mineral oil.
For alternatives, you can give an older child large quantities of fluids every day, as well as prune juice, bran cereal, and fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber (such as apples, blackberries, grapefruit, oranges, raspberries and broccoli).


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difficult child nutritionist told us to beware of the mineral oil. It stops the absorbtion of many vits and minerals.

Unfortunately prune juice etc etc didn't help difficult child at all. She was constantly backed up - ended up in the hospital because of it. Her biomedical dr put her on oxy-powder (www.oxypowder.com) Works great to keep things soft.

difficult child's parentiesis (sp???) muscle contractions do not work well so dr put her on dandelion.

Also on a great deal of vit c to help with the problem. Backed off the magnesium because she turned out to be overloaded on it.

Hope this helps.


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I was using mineral oil-told to stop by the pharmacist. It does stop many healthy minerals and vit that our bodies need. Does your child drink lots of water? That definitely helps- my doctor said stool softeners are much better. Ask your doctor. Hope this helps.

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Constipation is a pretty common side effect for Risperdal. Is the son taking the Risperdal the one with the problem? I wonder if the problem has to do with the Risperdal being a major tranquilizer and slowing down the muscle contractions that move things along?

ETA: I think the term cmdh was looking for is "peristaltic action" or "peristalsis".