"Mom, turn down

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  1. Wiped Out

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    the radio I'm trying to read!" This was what difficult child said to me on the drive to Michigan on Thursday. No he didn't ask nicely at all-it was in a very rude, demanding gfgish tone but I can't tell you how it warmed my heart to hear this. difficult child is 10 and only reading at a late kindergarten level. He has never showed an interest in reading and has a severe learning disability.

    That night as we carried him into Grandma and Grandpa's he woke up to ask to be sure we left him his two books (easy reader type). The next day he was reading them with-one of his cousin and then on Sunday on the ride home he read a couple of pages (struggling but still reading) to husband and me!

    I'm just hoping maybe he is finally showing some reading readiness! It's interesting because easy child has always read so above her age level and we were always so proud of her but this is different to see difficult child who has always struggled begin to show an interest has me every bit as proud.
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    That is great. easy child has always been above grade level at reading, and very interested in reading. difficult child is at grade level, but could care less and trys to avoid reading. We usually skip the daily reading homework, as it is not worth the struggle.

    I am glad your difficult child is showing interest. That is encouraging.
  3. totoro

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    Oh that warmed my heart!!! It brought a tear to my eye... I am a bit sensitive. But how sweet! I get so excited listening to N pretend to read and K teaching herself to read... when they just get something or try so hard it makes you proud!

    Good job!
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    easy child and Travis caught on to reading quickly and read way above their grade levels right from the start. Yep, I was proud.

    Nichole struggled. Reading just didn't click for her. She couldn't get it no matter how hard she tried. Even in the special reading class she struggled, she cried, she hated it. Even once she finally figured out that those darn letters put together actually made words, she struggled.

    This went on until the first of the Harry Potter books came out. mother in law bought her one. Just special for her. This big thick book. Now we know it was all the rage, all the kids were carrying on about it.

    easy child and Travis finished it in about a day. Then a miracle happened. I saw Nichole with the book. When she had trouble, she asked someone to help her. She kept right on reading. We kept right on helping, not daring to say a thing for fear we'd do something to jinx it.

    She was soooo proud of herself when she finished.

    I'll never forget how it made me feel to see her triumph. I KNEW how much she worked and how hard it was for her. It took her a couple of weeks, but she did it.

    You watched difficult child meet a reall tough challenge head on. You know the work he's put in. I don't doubt your Mommy heart is just busting with pride.

    I know mine is and I'm just a board auntie. :smile:

    Way to go difficult child!!!! :bravo: :reading:
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    What a wonderfully rude request. It made me smile to read this. I hope this new love of reading continues.

    by the way, I have a lot of books from wm's younger days. What are difficult children interests? Any favorite series that you've noticed.

    I'd be happy to mail these out to difficult child.
  6. LittleDudesMom

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    I bet he would enjoy the Bailey School Kids series (My Teacher is a Vampire, My Bus Driver is a Mummy, etc.). Good for difficult child!

  7. Wiped Out

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    Thanks Ladies! Lisa-what a great story about Nichole and the Harry Potter book!

    Linda-I'll pm you later about some books-thanks!

    Sharon-I'll have to check out the Bailey School Series-it sounds right up difficult child's alley!

    CrazyMama-I hear you about the avoidance on reading-this is the first time he has shown any real interest!

    Totoro-I had tears in my eyes as well.
  8. mum2JK&TH

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    Way to go difficult child! :bravo:
  9. Sheila

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    Wonderful! And what a shocker! lol I'd be checking our difficult child to see if he had a fever. lol
  10. SnowAngel

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    Congrats!! Reading is so important. I think it is one of the few things you are taught in school and use daily. I buy our books at the second hand stores, garage sales and the local library.

    Kids learn at their own pace. My niece who is 9 is reading simple books. She still hasn't mastered the 100 words that the 1st grader should know. I have made flash cards and she can play games with them. We are also labeling her things in her room and bathroom, this way she sees them everyday and will begin to recognize those words when she sees them and know what they mean as well.

    It is wonderful to hear a new reader has stayed interested. Keep books with you where ever you go.
  11. SearchingForRainbows

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    What great news!!! Way To Go difficult child :bravo:!!! It is so nice when we have the opportunity to be proud of our difficult children!!! Just an idea - What about a weekly trip to the library??? WFEN
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    :reading: :thumbsup:
    WOW!!! How wonderful is that! I know I would burst out in gushing tears if my difficult child ever did that.........but...........at age 16 that is not likely to happen. I am so glad your difficult child is able to finally find the joys of reading!
  13. TerryJ2

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    Absolutely! That is SO exciting!
    And I know exactly what you mean by that mean, difficult child voice.

    Keep up the good work! Pile on the books!
  14. nvts

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    Sharon, that must have been soooo wonderful to hear! Congrats to you and difficult child.

    You know what makes me laugh?

    It used to be our parents yelling at us to turn down the music (or "that racket" as my parents used to say!). Now we're getting it from our kids!!!! :rofl:

    Keep up the great work...you must have really done something!!!

  15. Big Bad Kitty

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    That is enough to make a mommy heart soar right out the window. Auntie Bad Kitty is proud too!